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Thursday. 7.12.12 6:05 am
I guess you can equate me with pot left to simmer. Until you turn off the fire, I will not stop simmering. Whilst everything seems normal, I will still hurt you if you are not aware or careful.

You like to tell me to listen because you're the eldest here but honestly, why should I if you don't ever listen to me or think I'm just throwing a fit to get things my way. Yes, I want things my way because the current way just don't work. Nearly 4 years of staying together and you don't realise what a pushover your youngest sister is? Nearly 4 years staying together and you don't realise how she can also be a manipulative, selfish bitch? How many times have I been made to do her shit and yet when I ask for a favour from her 9/10 times it doesn't get done? Mostly it is also done in front of you and you don't see and you EXPECT me to LISTEN to what you have to say? You love to sit around and also complain about my brother but you don't see that you're pretty much in the same league as he is? At least my brother would realise it sometimes but you... no, you just expect me to take your shit and then deal with my own shit myself. IF I can do it on my own, would I have asked for your help?

I'm contented to be left alone and I am contented to do things on my own but when I need help, I'll ask and if I don't think that you're the only one who can provide the best help, I would not have asked nor even speak to you about it. No, no, you get angry when I listen to someone else over you and yet you expect me to listen to you when you do not listen to me. As I had said before, it is relatively easy for you to say shit because you never had to be in my shoes. Previously, maybe but now? No.

So don't be so high and mighty for you... I am no longer inclined to take shit from you without something in return.

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