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This friend
Saturday. 9.25.10 7:02 am
of mine, she prides herself to be different from my mother high school friends but in reality, she is pretty much the same. Allow me to tell you what happened...

She loves to say that she only have 4 friends right now.. which is pathetic for a 21 year old but it's okay because everyone else are such hypocrites. The truth is, she doesn't give anyone but herself the benefit of the doubt. She takes things even more seriously than I do and is offended by every small detail that others does. It's as if she is the only person who is right in this world. That I don't mind because I know quite a number of people of that sort.

She says that the other high school friends are people who takes advantage of other people. That is party true but she is also like that. Yesterday, she called me asking if I wanted to hang. I agreed cause I didn't quite want to stay at home anyway. And then she asked if she can park her car at my house and then I shall drive her around and drop her at the TV station near my house cause she has to take a bus there for her assignment and pick her up when she is done. She didn't tell me what time is her assignment but she told me that she'll come over at 11.30AM. Fine, I thought her assignment is at 3 or something so I agreed. After that at about 4AM she texted me to wake her up. So I called her at about 10AM.. guessing that it is about time for her to get ready and come to my house by 11.30... guess what? She texted me after I started calling:

Her: It's too early
Me: ...You didn't tell me what time
Her: Wake me up in an hour's time

I'm thinking "there is no way you can get ready and come to my house by 11.30AM. So fine.. I called her an hour later.. and it took her 3 hours to get to my place. Fine. Over lunch, I asked her what time does she need to go to the TV station by... and she told me 5PM... and then I drove to the nearest mall and walked into Daiso.

She: OMG.. there is so many things I wanted to buy!!!! Can you er.. lend me money first? I couldn't withdraw from the ATM earlier because I only have RM50 left in my account and it's a debit card and all..
ME: .... okay..

You know why I agreed? Because she gets hurt if you don't agree to her requests of this sort. She feels like you are not her friend just because you can't lend her 10 bucks to buy her cats TOYS! I mean.. it's not important.. go somewhere near your house that has Daiso and buy your cat's toys when your salary comes out tomorrow! WTF! Just because I get my money from my parents doesn't mean that I have money all the time. And I'm only gonna get my money back IF I see her next weekend. What turf... You were making noise the last time another friend did that to you and now you're doing it to someone else. Hypocrite!

Oh btw, she needs to be at the TV station by 5PM and she doesn't want to drive here because "the place is dodgy" but the truth is that it isn't.... it is safe because it is a bloody TV station and there is a 5 star hotel beside it. You think their security would be that bad? And I need to pick her up later tonight latest by 1AM. "So don't sleep yet okay? HAHA! I'll call you before I reach". Fuck you man. Who the fuck do you think you are? You are NOT EVER MY BEST FRIEND AND EVEN MY BEST FRIENDS DON'T DO THIS TO ME. Stupid bitch.

I'm not going to agree to this ever again. I don't mind losing another friend like you because the truth is, you are probably worst than the rest cause you pretend to be something that you are not and you preach freaking well about it. Practice what you preach.

wow. She sounds like a user. A good chunk of my highschool friends became that way, and i just told them all to fuck off and stopped talking to them.
» Midnight on 2010-09-25 10:31:15

WHAT??? All that stuff that she made you do is RIDICULOUS!!! I would have laughed at her, thinking that she must be joking. Also I would have said no to everything she suggested starting with when she told you to call her an hour later. :P
» Zanzibar on 2010-09-26 09:37:55

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