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Friday, November 12, 2010
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It is all about the money now days
Haha even back then when someone said money is not important I would always say "then how to go eat? how to buy things? how to go dating? all no need money is it?" I guess they stopped saying so after that.

One of the main reason I only started dating when I was working haha. Pretty much it is a really major thing for everyone who just finish studying :)

As for repaying my parents? well lucky for me my dad never ask us money even if he is a bankrupt. We never blame him and we are still together. It was a hard life back when I was in secondary, but he still could afford to send us to college using his epf money.

But for you, well not like I am saying a bad thing but yes for girls they have another alternative which is to get married!!! Guy? no we don't have that option where our wife will support us, pay for the wedding dinner, to buy a house, pay the bills... and so on.

So seriously if you are financially in trouble, try to avoid anything that will effect your life. Sticking to a useless man who goes clubbing everyday and with no money is 1 of them!! lol
» Adriel D.K ( on 2010-11-12 08:07:15

Is your father still working? If he is, I think giving him 5% of your net salary should be enough as an allowance. The rest you need to give to your mother for household allowance if you are still living with your mother and for your own usage and savings.
» mun ( on 2010-11-13 10:32:04

Naa my dad don't need to worry, lucky for him the bank can't touch his EPF which has more then enough for us to build a house next year on my grandma land once he reach 55 which is by next year :D

Mom? she have been working for the past 10 years ever since my dad was a bankrupt and yes now she is earning more then me :( in sales.

Dad could not get any job due to his status and only found out he was a bankrupt after two year finding for a job and on his last application for a international company they inform him the shocking news.

It is all because of the income-tax never inform him. They claim to have send a letter but it never came, after 2 years hunting for job my dad finally found out he was a bankrupt and not from the income-tax but from the company he apply for.

So if you have not receive a letter from income tax and you are earning over 3k, don't try to be a good citizen and register yourself for it. It will bring trouble in the future if you do not update it every year or your ex company did not inform the income-tax you resign. My dad ex company didn't pay his income tax and because of that they chased after my dad well something like that.

Pretty much a happy ending for me, just need to make enough and never try to be greedy. But yes saving is a must, always keep aside a minimum amount of money into your saving account if possible don't have to be every month. Every 2 months also ok.
» Adriel D.K ( on 2010-11-14 10:24:02

Hi Adriel thanks for your reply although my comments were for Renaye. As a citizen, we are required to pay income tax, not paying can end us up in prison. Just go after the company if they deduct the salary but do not remit the amount to the income tax department.
» mun ( on 2010-11-14 11:04:52

Hi Renaye, is Adriel your sister?
» mun ( on 2010-11-16 05:09:06

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