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Look How Confussed I Am

Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. White
Location Troy, PA
School. Other
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A Better One Of Me
Image Hosted by www.glowfoto.com Rock On Dear
Kevin, In My Favorite Shirt
Image Hosted by www.glowfoto.com I had that shirt...but it was too big for me :(. Btw, i stole the picture from Erika's webshots
Image Hosted by www.glowfoto.com just thought that this was a cute pic of him
Dave and A7x
Friction Burn
Wednesday. 3.30.05 7:11 pm
Okay, today i was so abused. Mostly by Josh Grace in second period. First he had one of those sticks that you stir paint with, and he hit me in the ass and the leg with it. Then we had squirt guns and he got me with them. Then we were playing bullshit and he slapped my leg REALLY hard...its still kinda sore. Then me, greg and josh were in Mr. Wiles room and greg was playing the piano and josh was trying to put his arm around me and i ran away because i thought that he was gonna hurt me. And then he promised that he wouldnt so me being the stupid person i am went back over and he started talking and was like "has anyone ever done this to you?" and as he said that he stuck his finger down my shirt and pulled it down. Then he got me with the squirt gun some more and greg threw some stupid plastic ball at me a few times. And Josh got water from the water fountin and spit it on me. I guess that i should explain that there were no teachers in class today. Mr. Boyer had to get stuff ready so he was in his office and almost everyone went to the auto cad room. So it was Me, Josh, Greg, Cheryl, another Josh, and Mudge for a little while just hanging out. The guys (well josh and greg) wanted to play strip poker but we decided against that one. We played frisbee too but we got yelled at. And we locked greg in the girls bathroom, and got yelled at. And we got yelled at for the squirt guns too. We got yelled at for a lot of things today but it was mostly worth it. When he pulled down my shirt i was just like omg i cant believe you just did that. I didnt even get embarassed i was just shocked that he did it, i should have known better than to be shocked though. I mean it is josh. Nothing else really went on today. The cute kid was in study hall. But almost everyone else was gone. Jewelry, well that class still sucks but at least i get to hang out with erika, amy and stacy may. I might not come to school tomorrow, my mom says i dont have to because the only major class i have is english and all this week i've just been sitting there because we've been working on our essays and book reports and i have had them both done for a long time so i have nothing to do. And friday is cheryl's b-day and since i only have like four dollars i guess that i will make some cupcakes for her and party on the bus. I had a nice talk with her on the bus today. Rob Zombie is on tv, hell yes. Nobody wants to go to the sleepwell concert with me :(, no one knows who they are is why. Oh well, maybe i will go alone, i still need a ride though because skyler is mean and wont give me one. Maybe i wont go too, never know, depends on a lot of shit. The guys are being weird, it pisses me off with two of them but with Josh (white) its normal, and his isnt a strange just look at me weird so...maybe that helps. Oh well, screw them for now i have other things on my mind that are more important. Like if i want to go to school tomorrow or not. Maybe i should call melinda and see if she's coming. I have to remember to talk to amy about bill if i dont go though, so maybe i should just so i dont forget. blah, i wrote a lot today. I didnt write yesterday though. so i guess its all good

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