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In need of motivation.
Sunday. 12.11.11 11:24 pm
I started a diet not too long ago. To be specific, it was the HCG diet. I basically could only take in 500 calories a day, I was limited to only certain fruits, veggies and poultry, and I took drops twice a day to boost my metabolism and suppress my appetite.

I started off great, I was losing a pound a day like I had anticipated. I lost seven pounds in seven days. I was feeling great. But then exam week came. I was already under a lot of stress and running on little sleep. So, I inevitably began to cheat more and more on my diet by drinking a lot of coffee to keep me awake. I also started eating my feelings because of the stress.

I guess I also started my old eating habits again because I had lost seven pounds already, I could lose more anytime I wanted. That is partially true, but if I keep putting off the exercise and healthy eating until "tomorrow" every day, I'll end up gaining every pound back.

If I've been judged from the beginning of this blog about the diet, I don't want to hear it. I've been uncomfortable in my own skin since this past January, and I'll admit I've gained the freshman 15. Do I think I'm fat? No. Do I think I'm overweight? No. Do I think I'm obese? Of course not. But, am I okay with how I look? No. And when people you know tell you that you look "bigger" than since the first time they met you, or that "maybe if you lost some weight you could fit into that dress", you begin to get more discouraged and more uncomfortable with the fact that not only you notice your weight difference, but obviously others do as well.

So, help me out guys. Tell me your exercise routines and healthy meal plans and what gets you motivated. Because I've reached a slump that I need to get out of asap.

I would encourage you to find a way to cook healthy foods that satisfies your taste buds. Foods high in fat satisfy your brain more than the buds, so pay attention to what flavors you taste, rather than what you feel when you eat it (typically a need for more, a lack of fulfillment but still some weird sort of satisfaction). You CAN train yourself to LOVE healthy foods (believe me, I used to LOVE chips--now they typically repulse me).

Work-out routines...don't go for level one difficulty. If you take on the step-climber, set it to one of the workout modes that changes the difficulty. That one decision changed the shape of my derriere.
OH, ALSO, spring sports. I didn't get it until I joined ultimate, but 1) no one expects you to come out there winning everywhere like a rockstar, and 2) it isn't embarrassing to get all sweaty and fail at stuff like you'd think. It's actually really bonding-y. I know what EVERYONE'S sweat feels like (wet) when it's slamming into you at like five or six miles per hour. No one cares. Everyone would love you. I'm sad you're not here, hahaha.

In short...it seems like "obvious" advice, but REALLY implementing it and believing in it...it won't change your diet, it will change your LIFESTYLE.

And I know who said one of those things, and I know it's kind of honestly just who she is and where she's from that made that OK in her book to say, but if someone says that to you and has no feasible excuse of not having American boundaries...give me that person's home address.
» Unicornasaurus on 2011-12-12 01:17:22

I had never heard of the HCG diet before now, but it sounds interesting... I guess as long as it's not hurting your body there's nothing wrong with it, although the drops sound like they're expensive?

In my first month or two of college I gained about 15 lbs, but I lost five of that my second semester, probably because I started eating a lot more salad (typically romaine lettuce, cucumbers, kidney beans, and olive oil/balsamic vinegar) and a lot less grilled cheese. X|

But yeah... fruits, vegetables, things that haven't been cooked much or at all, if possible, and that have a high water/fiber content. I bike to school, so that's about five miles a day, sometimes ten if I go home for lunch. I haven't personally got an exercise routine, but I tend to choose the more active option whenever possible (walking instead of taking the bus if I have time, always taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.).

Unfortunately I don't have any tips as far as motivation goes, but I wish you the best with your weight loss plans!
» randomjunk on 2011-12-12 01:18:05

I'm pretty sure everyone on Nutang already knows my answer for this....


It can be as high impact or as low impact as you want, and is completely adaptable and allows you to go at your own pace, for however long you want. We do a standard drill called "ladders" that you might be interested in:

-15 seconds
-30 seconds
-45 seconds
-60 seconds
-45 seconds
-30 seconds
-15 seconds

You do speed jumps for all the durations listed, resting 10 seconds inbetween each interval. Speed jumping consists of alternating between legs for every turn of the rope, kind of like jogging in place.

The key to this is to go your pace. If you're new to jumping rope or if you're not in the best physical condition, doing burn out in the first 30 seconds. Build up to a speed that is familiar...and then continue to push yourself.

As far as which rope to buy, I suggest getting these:

The 7 foot rope should suit your needs. The reason I suggest a beaded rope is because they're more durable than a plain plastic cord, and a much better workout than a cloth rope.

If you want more tips on jump rope stuff, I have a billion things to tell you. If speed step starts to get too boring...try double unders (turn the rope under you twice in one jump), or a criss cross. Once you have those mastered, message me and I will give you some harder stuff to work on :)

I'm not much of a nutrition expert, but....eat plants. Meats and carbs are important, but they're loaded with more stuff that will help you gain weight, sometimes in the wrong way. Fruits and vegetables aren't quite as filling, but they're so lean and full of good vitamins. This is one of the things I'm really bad at, and I should start trying to get more green in my diet!

As far as motivation...it really helps to work out with other people. Devote at least one day out of the week for you and some friends to get together and do a workout. And hold each other to it.

Laziness plagues everybody. If you ever find yourself looking for the easy way out (like skipping out on a workout when you know you should be doing it), just zone your brain out and go. You have to just charge on through. Don't stop and think about how nice it would be to sit down on the couch, just GO. Getting started is the hardest part, for me at least. And don't forget to play "Eye of the Tiger" while you get ready! Haha...but seriously, a good playlist can make you push yourself that much more, if you can get into the music. (I'm a guy...maybe this is different for other people lol)

And FINALLY....you have to hurt for it. Just prepare yourself for that. If you're not hurting (in the right way), then you won't get the results you want. This scares some people away, and breaks the willpower of others...but, like I said earlier, don't think about it. Just GO. Or as Nike says....just do it :)
» The-Muffin-Man on 2011-12-12 04:11:13

If you can gather the proper motivation, swim! It's like running/jogging FOR YOUR WHOLE BODY and you can work different muscles with different strokes or using drills and stuff and you can gain better control of your body (breathing and technique make a big difference!) and it's fun and I love it yayyyyy

Plus swimmers are sexy, hey-o.

The biggest problem for me is that it can be pretty boring to do by yourself, but I have the same problem when I want to run or lift weights or whatever, so if you're already willing to those things then it shouldn't be a problem.

As far as losing weight, do what you gotta do, but DEFINITELY make sure you're taking it easy. The more drastically you drop weight, the easier it's going to come back if (when) you slip up. Plus, a pound per day seems sort of...intense? I don't really know though, and I'm sure you've done enough research to know what's healthy. So...yeah stay healthy.

I want to lose fat too, but I want to muscle up a bit as well, so it's not as much as matter of "weight" for me. But I definitely get what you're stressing about haha.
» middaymoon on 2011-12-13 01:03:05

Jump roping is quite an all-round exercise that doesn't cost much. Other than that, swimming (and it helps you sleep at night) or dancing. I walk about 40 minutes a day, to and from work. When I feel like it, I will go and do some extra exercise to feel the muscle aches and I rest until it doesn't hurt as much anymore.

Being Asian, I was brought up eating rice.. a lot of rice.. So if I need to eat rice, I will eat less rice and more of the dishes. Preference to eating bread or noodles for all meals. Replace junk food with peanuts/almonds/sunflower seed. Reduce caffeine intake, have enough sleep and drink enough water. Indulge every now and then.. it'll help keep you motivated.

Sometimes, your weight increases because of water retention. You're probably dehydrated, that's why. Also sometimes your weight never seem to go down is because you don't replace enough nutrients that you lost during your exercise so your body goes into shock and retain pretty much every molecule of fat that you want to lose for survival. Once you break through that stagnant period, you'll start losing weight.
» Nuttz on 2011-12-13 05:34:06

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