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Friday. 4.25.08 11:34 pm
I have a sudden urge to do something with my hair, which currently looks like this.

I need to get the ends trimmed, but I don't want it straightened. I'd like some sort of braid-y style.

I wouldn't mind feed-in cornrows or a kinky twist, or even Senegalese twist(is hair in Senegal really like that?), but I had pixie/box braids, and the Senegalese and kinky are a bit too similar. I think I just want some good old-fashioned cornrows, but I don't want the back to look like this. I also don't want to pay 70-80 dollars for the feed-ins, and have them look like the thing from that movie... alien v predator? i don't know. Not to say anything bad about this lady and her hairstyle, but that's what I feel like when there's a bit of side projection of braids from my head.

I thought about yarn twist, but again, that's almost too close to the box braids I had. I guess I'd go with the Senegalese, but my hair... doesn't bend for anyone, so any style I buy won't last more than 2 weeks... :/ I guess I could get something done tomorrow and scrape until after robot galaxy... I don't want to pay 80 dollars for two weeks of hair.

I broke my broken comb today, I buy at least one a month. It's $3USD a comb, and sure, it's three dollars a month, but damnit that adds up. Can't they make a sturdier comb? I really like the comb, it isn't harsh in my hair, and when it's not broken (or breaking), it makes combing a breeze, wet or dry. It is totally better than those damn 25 cent combs that are "unbreakable", but you can play Mary Had a Little Lamb on, because they are so darn stiff, or the ones that just bend. It won't break, but it certainly won't get through my hair. I wrote them a slightly sad email, the are supposed to send me a complementary replacement product, but like my necklace, it has not gotten here yet. And I ordered the matching shirt on the same day payment went through for the necklace, and the shirt got here 4 days later and came from CA! Grrr. If the mailperson has stolen them, I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe I should file a complaint, these would make the fourth or fifth thing I've expected and not received in a year, and damn if one of the things I actually paid for!

I went short shopping today, tried on some delightfully garish shorts in both green and pink, the pink were hideous, the green reminded me of my Aunt. Not sure why, go figure. I tried on normal shorts, but zomg they were totally way too short, and my legs! oh god my legs looked sooo creepy. :( So I bought uber-preppy polo shirts instead. I'd love a maxi dress, but they're cut moreso for people who can go without feminine shaping and support products. Stupid tiny no-boob people.

Dear god, I need This shirt. Now. It is the most delightful and awesome shade of purple EVER.

If I had a Afghan Hound, it could get a matching style...

I didn't know there were different kinds of that braiding thing...

How do you wash your hair if it's done like that?
» randomjunk on 2008-04-26 12:23:03

for a short period of time in high school I wanted my hair in braids, but there are two things that went against me. one, I'm white. and two, my hair is very long. it would take fooorever to put my hair into little tiny braids like that.

those shorts are a little too bright for me, but the polo shirts are cute =]
» LostSoul13 on 2008-04-26 01:39:15

whoa~ lots of pictures :D
» crz4manga on 2008-04-26 07:25:10

What good luck!
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