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Sunday. 7.22.07 6:53 pm
I went to The Great Satan, aka Walmart.

They used to have this large circular/bubble-shaped tank, there was plenty of room for all of the lobsters to sit. It looked like one of these. Plenty of room to gallivant about, even when there was a decent number of lobsters in the tank.

Now they have a tank that looks just like this, and the lobsters can't move, and there's not enough room for them to run if another lobster comes by to fight or anything! It's so small!

They were stacked in two layers, with the poor lobsters on the bottom looking even sadder than they would in the old large tank, and there were two lobsters fighting, even though they couldn't move around to smack each other with their rubberbanded claws.

I feel bad for the lobsters.

Wha...? Since when did Walmart have lobsters? :S I've only ever seen them at asian markets.

I agree though, poor things. :(
» randomjunk on 2007-07-22 08:18:12

Wal-Mart is INDEED the devil. =/ I hate that place.
» alexsedotcx on 2007-07-22 08:18:19

It's not so much the people that shop at Wal-Mart that bother me. My hate for that organization definitely stems from my knowledge about the company's poor human rights practices.

Most, if not all, of their products are produced in poorly conditioned factories in China and Malaysia. The conditions are so horrible there, and they do not care. The man whose job it was to report poor conditions (i.e. abuse and unclean/dangerous workplaces) was fired for bringing such injustices to the CEO's attention.

It is also hard for any person other than a white male to move up in the company. In addition to that, many employees are forced to work overtime, OFF THE CLOCK (i.e. w/o pay) with the implication that if they do not, they will be terminated.

If any given employee does work over 40 hours, managers are encouraged to go into the computer and manually edit their hours to 40 or less.

Also, their health insurance policy leaves many with deductibles (if you can call them that) of up to thousands of dollars.

I am sorry, I really didn't mean to go off on a tangent. They're just meanies. =/
» alexsedotcx on 2007-07-22 08:29:18


And dude, they're so mean to lobsters. =[
» alexsedotcx on 2007-07-22 10:52:53

Wal-mart has lobster????!!!!! Must be a coast thing...cause here in Colorado they are only at specialty markets or Red Lobster.

I hate Wal-mart because I used to work there for two long years....so I avoid it as much as possible. I think the last time I was in there was about 3 years ago.

I agree...poor lobsters. I hate how they stack the tanks so full that they can't move or always uncomfortable, I mean I know that they are going to die and all...but geesh!
» pyrogrrl12 on 2007-07-22 11:41:07

aww! poor lobsters. I saw a tank with lobsters at a restaurant once ... but it was like a claw machine. I never tried it and ended up not being able to go back to try it, but if I ever go back, I'll be sure to see what its about; granted its still there.
» LostSoul13 on 2007-07-23 12:25:54

Walmart is horrible. I piece of me dies every time I walk inside.
» sphincterbutt on 2007-07-23 01:45:45

that's horibble!! Poor lobsters!! I hope they get freed soon..
» Nuttz on 2007-07-23 03:15:15

Better late, than never.
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