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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Friday. 12.1.06 3:22 pm
So. I'm curious as to what the cheapest thing on ebay is, including shipping.

I'm finding some interesting things...

Beanie babies... Almost 300

A defibrillator

Here's a winner for the "avid redneck collector": Ugly kitschy cheap looking napkin rings

Oooh, 20" rims... perfect for when I'm on Maury and need a reason as to why I couldn't father a child...

Oooh, pretty. A 50" Hitachi big screen telly. Needs a tune-up.

An ebook? On how to be a power-seller? One cent??? I smell ripoff. It's got free shipping... so maybe not too much of a ripoff.

Tires to go with the aforementioned rims. Now I really can't father a child.

A shiny laptop.

I remember my brother got the ring for Xmas one year... It was fun.

This pink shirt has a popped collar. o.O

Why do I suspect "cheap anime" implies burnt DVD? I wonder if it's the same people from 7-11.

Wow. A honda civic. ONE CENT!!!


Now why would I pay someone
for a payday loan?

Nothing else good in the one cent items. Now for the expensive items:

Most of them seem to be cars... that's not fun.

Here's some land in Florida.

Diamonds! They're a girl's best friend. *nod* Shiny.

Someone's selling their collection of used scratch-off lottery tickets. o.O

Ever want to be a shady apartment/laundromat super? Now you can.

Tired of playing with the crappy non-metal Tonka trucks? Buy a big one!

She's selling her ass to pay for a neck surgery. Poor dear.

A trailer????

No, seriously, a Lv. 60 epic mage.

Girls, if anyone calls you a frigid bitch when you're on this... Run 'em over.

Great for the guy who can't get a date... or just wants to reenact scenes from "Oh Mikey"

Ok, post's over.

Cool. I definantly want some nice ones! :D
» ryan444123 on 2006-12-01 06:28:27

If I had to choose between buying some random woman's ass on eBay versus a used napkin.... I think I'd go for the napkin.
» randomjunk on 2006-12-01 08:31:15

A car fer one cent? Something stinks bad. >=P I feel sorry for the poor dear. Hopefully some nice billionaire will see and just give her the money. =)
» Silver-dot- on 2006-12-01 10:37:13

I would have bid on the car just for the heck of it. You know it wont sell for 200, that would be too cheap so that is how much I would bid. hee hee.
» kkama67 on 2006-12-02 01:55:28

Thats incredible. How do you go and find these things on Ebay? And can you specify a price?
» blah213 on 2006-12-02 06:00:52



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