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Oh Home.(edited)
Saturday. 11.18.06 10:46 pm
So I'm home.

Dad ended up renting a Dodge Charger. The ultimate in penismobiles. I felt so.... insecure driving it.

So I get home. I see the stinkies.

Stinkzilla has gotten HUGE. Stinkerella... likes to sit on top of the garage. Guess she can get those birds now. o.O

Stupid cats run from me when I try to pet them. :/

Coby watched Stay Alive, I'm beginning to think it was made back in 2001 or something, and just released now, because of the tower burning in the end... and all of the other old stuff.

Prissy McPrincessRoomie put my towel in the refrigerator.

I may not ever be in the room to use the damn towel, but I'm going to be black, and use a word I never use. She's just gotten to be triflin'. (No g, else it wouldn't be black. ) :p

Dave downloaded Frets on Fire, the PC gimping of Guitar Hero. We were up until some ungodly hour having a Fret-off. I won. I got him to burn me the install/song so I wouldn't have to waste my life downloading it on dialup. Now he has to beat 81,247 points and 5 stars on Bang Bang, Mystery man on easy. Can he do it? Stay tuned. :p

I'm sure he can, he's awesome like that. Mr. I'm-going-to-build-my-own-FoF-guitar.

I was pondering the game earlier, and thought: They've got drums, feet stamping, clapping, maracas, and a guitar. Why not a keytar? Or an accordion?

I left my chicken in Dave's fridge. :/

Mum got new teeth... they're creepy. I think it's because I've known her forever without teeth... oh well.

Being at school spoils me, I come home and want things I get at Kroger, figuring "oh, Ukrop's should have them." I go to Ukrop's. No dice. Wally's. No dice. Food Lion. Nuh uh.

What do I have to do? Drive a good 20 or so minutes to get to the nearest Kroger. :/ They're supposed to be opening one nearer... but they haven't yet. Grr.

Note: I fixed the 2nd link in the previous entry. Without that link, the entry was pretty pointless.

Frets on Fire, is that using an actual guitar... as in, can I use it to help practise playing? Hmm... Dodge Charger... amazing car... but butchered with the new model (who cares about 4 doors... they must be marketing to the family man who once drove a "real" one).
» DeeVeuS on 2006-11-18 11:05:13

Why the heck did she put yer towel in the fridge for? I have no idea about Frets on Fire and so on. XP
» Silver-dot- on 2006-11-18 11:11:49

New teeth.... fun. If she didn't have teeth before how did she eat?
» randomjunk on 2006-11-19 12:18:42

Guitar Hero
You know I am kind of disapointed in the game. I thought it would be better. :(
» kkama67 on 2006-11-19 02:10:22

lost One towel
Could you please look in the refrigerator! LOL
» JMC on 2006-11-19 02:33:36

keytars are awesome
that'd be fun to play a game with one. though it'd be pretty much just a piano strapped to your chest. but whatever works! XD
» invisible on 2006-11-19 03:31:54

oh snap
My highest score on that song was around 30k. How am I supposed to tripple that? You are just too good for me. Now I have that song stuck in my head again. Oh well. After re-reading this comment, it sounds really choppy, but I am far to lazy to fix it.
P.s. I am not a robot!!!eleven
» Cookie ( on 2006-11-19 09:42:49

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