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4/3/07 (tuesday)
a deaf algebra teacher. Literally, he's deaf in his left ear. He needs a hearing aid, and he had explained how it works in detail (something about vibrations on his bone, but that's probably how all hearing aids work). He also has this weird habit of clearing his throat at random times.
So the majority of the class just talks nonstop during the lessons and then complains about how they don't understand anything that's going on.
And when they do pipe up and say they don't understand, he seriously goes, "Come on, you should get it!"

One of the only good things about him is that he tells you during a test if you've got an answer wrong. If you hand it in early enough, he looks it over and if you get anything wrong he hands it back to you and politely points out the mistake.
But nowadays I never make mistakes because, due to said deafness, everybody cheats off of each other during tests. I don't usually cheat, just cross-check, "What did you get for number 16? Wait, how'd you get that?", "How do you do number 4?" etc. Well I guess that technically is cheating.

So we were taking a test today and I wanted to hand my paper in after looking it over five million times, though it was only about ten minutes into the forty-minute period. Oh well, doodling and napping and whatnot. So he's just standing over someone else's shoulder (and that person sees him and mumbles, "Do you mind?" Seriously, he does.) and I'm waving my test in the air. And then I start beating my pencil eraser on the desk and he finally comes over when everybody else has already noticed and have told me to stop it already.

Oh yeah, this guy also teaches synergistics. I don't think it's a common subject, so let's just say it's applied science. You go to different stations like Computer Graphics and Animation, Audio Broadcasting, Robots, or Engineering Bridges every month or so. I was at Flight Technology with my friend for about four weeks now, and last week's session took forever so we had to redo the whole project so I could get results too. To avoid a long explaination, it's testing a wing you're supposed to design. It's harder than it seems because you have to balance out the wing, test how much load it can carry, etc.
Wow, I tend to ramble on too much with backstory that it depletes from the actual punchline. Oh well. Now it's not gonna seem as funny.
So my friend was balancing her wing out, which basically means turning a weight around a metal rod like a washer or something. The teacher was standing right in back of her, watching her balance it out. This isn't some young guy either, he looks much older than the rest of our teachers and we even joke around that he's a pedophile or something because of his overall strangeness. So he's just standing there and there are a few kids calling him from all over the room, but he doesn't hear any of them. I was making fun of my friend because she was just trying to balance her wing with this old guy standing in back of her while there are a million other kids in the room that need the teacher's help.
It doesn't sound as smooth when you need a backstory.

So if it's not clear by now, I'm practicing my writing. Even though the Push novel deadline was last month, that doesn't mean I can't practice. And besides, do you guys really care about my deaf algebra teacher? XD
I was always fond of a sarcastic tone.

I had an algebra teacher that was deaf in an ear. Someone turned up some speakers really loudly when he was younger and it broke his eardrum.

Oooh, the brilliant green. I like their music.
» ikimashokie on 2007-04-03 05:23:40

i dunno. this entry reminded me of a teacher i had who kept saying "okay, ladies and gentlemen" over and over again.
» frostbitten on 2007-04-03 06:53:44

I had a math sub for a semester once (my real teacher went on maternity leave), and she couldn't speak english very well. She was from Sri Lanka. I got nothing against that, but when you're trying to learn math from someone with a really heavy accent, things get tough. Determine was pronounced "deeter-mine," analysis was pronounced with emphasis on all the wrong syllables, and she could not say linear, square, or quadratic for the life of her. Not that she would've been much better than our real teacher anyway. Yeesh, so many strange people in the math department.
» The-Muffin-Man on 2007-04-03 07:15:48

I never had a deaf teacher before but I had a mentally ill one who knew one of my uncles and one day when I refused to do what she said, she just walked around the class and started to insult me with some really private family matters which I have no idea how she knew it.
» Nuttz on 2007-04-04 12:26:04

I was late to sign up to go on stage. Bahhhh. There was a little girl in front of me, and I was next in line, but the guy just went up and left. He didn't even say "sorry no more" until I confronted him at the desk. bahh. Oh well. There was this guy who kept getting the words correct, the "counselor" kept putting him up front, and you saw the cast hinting to him that he had to get the word wrong otherwise they couldn't continue with the show. It was interesting because he got a word that started with a -c or -w (i forgot) and he just picked a -t so he could get eliminated. And the show was short, which was surprising. We could've just taken the subway home instead of driving
» Ajibalaji89 on 2007-04-06 09:02:03

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