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10/11/06 (wednesday)
"Why are you all studying so hard? It's just a frickin test!"

And I hate how Michelle, Alyssa, Derek, and any of them that're going to Bloomfield High think they can just waltz right through the coops and not worry shitless about them like everybody else is.

Michelle: "Ms. A is making me go to the coop review."
Alyssa: "Aww, I'm gonna be by myself!"
Me: "Uh, Ms. A's gonna make you do it too."
Alyssa: "What?! I don't see the point in that!"

It just pisses me off so much! And nowadays, Alyssa doesn't even seem to care about homework anymore, probably because she "doesn't see a point" since they're going to public schools. JUST BECAUSE YOUR GRADES DON'T MATTER DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD SLACK OFF. That's like saying I shouldn't eat because I'm gonna die anyway, what's the point? Almost everybody's in the coop review thing, they think that just because the grades don't matter means that they don't have to worry about it and that they can just do horribly on it so it doesn't matter! And they were all like "It's unfair!" when they said that everybody has to take the test. IF YOU DIDN'T, THEN IT WOULD BE UNFAIR TO US BECAUSE EVERYBODY WOULD'VE HAD TO TAKE THE TEST EXCEPT FOR YOU SELFISH WHINY damn i forgot the word oh wait yeah LAZY BASTARDS.

MY FUCKING GOSH I would ask Ciara if she's noticed it too but NOOOOOO ALYSSA has to drag her everywhere and if I even TRY to talk to Ciara alone Alyssa would be all on our backs like "OMG WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT? HURRY UP CAUSE I WANT CIARA ALL TO MY FUCKING SELF AGAIN!" I mean, Victoria is really cool and stuff but I don't wanna be drifting away from Ciara 'cause this'll probably be our last year together.

Only thing is, I don't want to go to high school with any of my friends. I've prepared myself so much for a year without any of them, so when Ciara said she might go to QP, I was kinda pissed since she was apparently set on Lacordaire for a while. And I had already emotionally prepared myself and I got, well, kinda disappointed. It's confusing, I know. Well I mean I thought Alyssa was my bestest friend and I was so happy to be in her homeroom this year but now it's like "WTF HAPPENED TO YOU FUCKING APATHETIC BITCH?" and now I honestly can't stand her when it comes to schoolwork.

DAMMIT This annoyed me right here: GPEA?
So even if we weren't going to a private school, you'd still have to take standardized tests in public schools. WTF KIDS YOU DON'T GET AUTOMATICALLY EXEMPT BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO LAZY TO FUCKING PICK YOUR OWN SCHOOL BUT GO TO THE SCHOOL THAT YOUR [GRADUATED] SISTERS WENT TO! (I guess Derek's kinda exempt from that 'cause his brother's still there but whatever) "i already decided in first grade that i wanted to go to a public school" WTF THEN WHY COULDN'T YOU JUST GO TO A PUBLIC SCHOOL FROM THE BEGINNING? DIDN'T YOU THINK ABOUT THE FRIENDS YOU WOULD'VE MADE AND LOST WHEN YOU WENT TO A PUBLIC SCHOOL? IF YOU DIDN'T WANT YOUR PARENTS TO WASTE THEIR MONEY, WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO MOVE TO STA WHEN YOU COULD'VE JUST GONE TO SOME PUBLIC SCHOOL?

And it kinda makes me mad how their siblings couldn't even pick a private school, maybe they couldn't afford it or anything but honestly, why are you in a private school if you can only barely afford it right now? I was like "you don't want your parents to spend money on your education, yet you're going to sta? WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT?" well I didn't really say that cause that would've been mean but I guess you kinda get it.

I wish I could get revenge. Like going out with Andrew or something. >=O But as much as I would like that to happen, it's probably not. He's going to Seton Hall anyway, all boys. IT PISSED ME OFF HOW SHE'S LIKE "I KNIT YOU A SCARF, NOW YOU HAVE TO GO TO BLOOMFIELD HIGH WITH ME!" Like WTF he didn't ask you to knit the scarf for him but he has to listen to your choice of HIGH SCHOOL for him? It must be in her mind that high school is just some kinda throwaway thing. Well, if you have a FUCKING CHOICE of like 20 HIGH SCHOOLS, you really want to think about it instead of just going where your UNREQUITED love tells you to! At least he fucking said that his parents won't let him. I would've said the same thing, even if my parents let me, I wouldn't want a controlling bitch like that.

Yeah, I don't care if you read all of that or not. I just wanted to get that out in the fucking open.

I've been needing to vent too lately... I just do it on Xanga. :P
» randomjunk on 2006-10-11 10:50:40

Thank goodness your friends can't read this, huh? Cuz then you'll NEVER hear the end of it. =P

I'm happy you turn to us to be your confidantes. ^-^ Vent, rant, scream! My ears are open. =D
» Silver-dot- on 2006-10-11 11:13:13

I used to go to a private school from Kindergarten to 5th grade but I had to switch to a public school when I moved more than 45 minutes without traffic from my old school. I think that private school is a lot better but the private schools are... ehh... But are you planning to go to a private university/college? I know that it's a long time away for you but I'm just wondering.
» thisdisease on 2006-10-14 03:30:28

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