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Current Lyrics
They laugh at me, these fellows, just because I am small.
They laugh at me because I'm not a hundred feet tall.
I tell 'em there's a lot to learn down here on the ground.
The world is big but lil' people turn it around.

A worm can roll a stone.
A bee can sting a bear.
A fly can fly around the sky 'cos flies don't care
A sparrow in a hut, can make a happy home.
A flea can bite the bottom of the pope in rome

Goliath was a bruiser who was as tall as the sky.
But David threw a rock, and gave him one in the eye.
I never read the Bible but I know that it's true.
It only goes to show what little people can do.


So listen here, professor with your head in the cloud
It's often kinda useful to get lost in a crowd
So keep your universities -- i don't give a damn
For better or for worse it is the way that i am

be careful as you go
cos little people grow
and little people know
when little people fight,
we may look easy pickings
but we got some bite!
so never kick a dog
because it's just a pup
you'd better run for cover when the pup grows up

and we'll fight like twenty armies
and we won't give up

(Repeat ending line once)
Good evening, dear inspector,
Lovely evening, my dear.
I know this man, my friends, his name's Inspector Javert!
So don't believe a word he says cuz none of it's true!
This only goes to show what lil' people can do!
and lil' people know
when lil' people fight
we may look easy pickings but we've got some bite!
so never kick a dog, because hes just a pup
we'll fight like 20 armies and we won't give up
so ya better run for cover when the pup grows up!
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