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Wednesday. 3.28.07 12:30 pm
I like to play with my Nintendo Wii and newly acquired Nintendo DS Lite… so what? There’s absolutely nothing with that. I’ve gone through more mobile phones than many people I know… and? YES, I have more than one car. Who cares? There are so many things that are on repeat in my mind that it’s almost become routine. For one, I will always - no matter how much I try or what I do - be stigmatized for being an only child. Uno. Solitary. Nagiisa. Whatever. Yet, that does not prevent me from living my life and fighting the stereotype. Like I said to some co-workers this past Friday, I worked my ass off for a lot of the things I have, yet there are things that will come easier for me, because I am an only child.

Enough with that rant though. To sum it up, I can act arrogant and selfish, but don’t let that be your only perception of who I am if you’ve never met me (or if you have) because as with anyone, everybody has multiple facets to their personality, and I just so happened to come off more conceited and self-centered than many are comfortable with. I admit that and I know that for a fact. Oftentimes my biggest enemy is myself; My mind likes to throw things at me that cause insecurity and thus has me reeling from the mental and emotional pain I cause myself.

A lot of my current battles are struggles with image and intellect. “If you don’t do it Marc, someone else will” is what I always tell myself every time I’m on the verge of failure (giving up). My co-worker Mary told me that you should never compare yourself to anyone else, because it’s not going to get you anywhere; Everyone has their own sets of strengths and weaknesses but everyone is also equally prone to themselves. That is why I’m only working against myself now. Before, I tried too hard and looked to others as I set my own goals, which to a point is not bad, but when it comes down to it, I never looked at myself to see where I was heading.

To be honest with you, I think I’m more vulnerable now then I was maybe two or three years ago, but I’ve developed a belief and confidence in myself now that it is that much more secure; I can actually walk down a busy downtown sidewalk on my way to work now without worrying what those people around me think. Seriously, I had major image issues. Maybe it is an only child thing.

Now I’m off to do a mini workout session before getting down with some Theme Park on the DS lite.


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I like asking people if they want to come over and play with my wii. I want a DS lite

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE SONIC/MARIO GAME? I just found out and felt like I was 12 years ol dall over again.. I was a sega boy til they went defunct, then I switched over to Nintendo.
I agree with you about everyone having multiple facets to their personality... I always picture people like coins,a head and a tail side. Everyone can decide whether or not they wish to talk out of their ass and be the tails, or talk out of their head all the time and teeter on becoming sanctimonious. I s'pose theres a balance we've all got to find...

I disagree with Mary. You can compare yourself to someone else and strive to either be like them or not like them in any given aspect of life.

I just got back from a workout session. I took a weight training class, hoping I can get back into the shape(or better than) I was in during Football and thought it would be an easy A. I didn't take into consideration how damn sore I'd feel after the major workouts, and how smelly I'd be. Ah well.
» Dilated on 2007-03-28 12:50:17

You don't compare yourself entirely with someone, maybe you compare your abilities and sometimes by comparing you'll be able to surpass that person. Though comparing on things that cannot be changed, for example, life is easier for you as a single child, is no use because not all single child live an easy life and it's not like after all that shit, you'll magically have a sibling. And worrying about what others think of you, is not a single child thing.. I get that too and I'm not a single child.
» Nuttz on 2007-03-28 01:24:51

I LOVE the Wii!!!! :) The Mii game is soooooooo much fun! :D
» little-b on 2007-03-28 01:55:14

thank you
for liking my work
» c-s-y on 2007-03-29 11:43:43

Nice banner, though it could be a bit faster, I guess.
» ikimashokie on 2007-04-01 05:19:12

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