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Nooo title!!!!!
Thursday. 7.16.09 12:43 pm
OH MY GOD. I have been gone for so long. I have been stuck in what jump ropers have come to call..."the bubble." Everything is perfect in this jump rope bubble. Hundreds of friends who all share the same interest. Everybody loves each other. Money is irrelevant. Aaaand then along comes the real world to rudely pop our bubble. So now I am pretty much out of the bubble. For now...

Next year is going to kick so much butt. Trips to Michigan, Paris, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, and then Nationals on Galveston Island again! *wants to hug someone right now*.

Ok I'll snap out of it. Basically, nationals was successful but disappointing at the same time. You win some, you lose some. Camp was BOMB. Loved it. If any of you are friends with me on facebook you've probably (hopefully) seen some of the pics. Oh good times.

AND HELLO TO ALL OF YOU AGAIN! I promise I'll try and update more now that I'm actually around a computer. Muffy over and out!
Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

» middaymoon on 2009-07-16 10:05:28

Actually I can have a social life and still update my blog, so I'm nowhere near as negligent as you. :P

» randomjunk on 2009-07-16 10:21:02

Hello Muffy!!!! I'm bored to the brink of death, which is why I'm thinking of making Christmas cards as my next semester will not end until the first or second week of December so I doubt I'll be able to make them on time.

I would love to tell you that you don't need to think of school till holidays end but I believe you have the opportunity to make your own schedule which I don't so, have fun!

What have you been up to other than jump roping?
» Nuttz on 2009-07-16 11:46:31

meow meow!!!!! i want to go to paris!!
» renaye on 2009-07-17 12:11:08

LMAO u r back in action again in Nutang :P but pretty active at facebook ahaha....

Erm Bon Odori is a Japanese Celebration for the dead... is fun with lots of dancing and foods.... :D
» jolenesiah on 2009-07-17 03:22:48

Oh Muffy, good for you. The car is dominated by someone so I sometime give up going out with friends because its so hard arranging things while you're talking a wall.

I only have a month break. How nice it is that you guys have summer holidays! I'm envious. Give me three months holidays and I can pay off my own tuition fees for the next semester.
» Nuttz on 2009-07-17 05:43:42

...it is your birthday right?? O_O;; so HAPPY BIRTHDAY X] if not, i hope you have a great day anyway! :D

and i must agree this is one damn cool layout! ^^

ha, my entire uni is called 'the bubble'. no, seriously, it's nicknamed 'the bubble'. the bubble even has different weather from the rest of our city, it's crazy... like, completely secluded from the outside world, almost.

i was on msn to one of my friends yday who was inside the bubble at the time then it suddenly started tipping it down outside so i said 'woah its raining so heavily!' to my friend. who then replied "it's not raining???" ... ha x]

anyyywayyyys. i'm knackered! but we must catch up soon!!! summer isn't for nothing yknow! :D
» Kuri on 2009-07-22 04:50:39


*glomp and tackles* ^^
» Kuri on 2009-07-29 06:05:36

Me, too. As in visiting more often. Now that school's starting back up soon, hopefully I'll have more structure to my everyday existence and come back to NuTang more often.
» invisible on 2009-08-08 03:33:10

Oh, and smashing layout. :D
» invisible on 2009-08-08 03:35:58

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