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Tuesday. 4.7.09 11:39 pm
Today is excellent. Already done with classes, and the sun has finally reappeared in Seattle after like a year. And now I'm about to enjoy a burger while watching Heroes...YES .

And here's a video of one of my rediscovered favorites....Who can guess it?
Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

We're getting rain here, but it's awesome. :P

Also that sounds familiar but I don't know what it is. :S
» randomjunk on 2009-04-07 04:17:20


» PinkPanther08 on 2009-04-07 07:07:01

ha, I'm getting farther behind on Heroes. it just isn't holding my interest this season. it's all about Life and Chuck right now. bah! you need to share some of your rain. I think the last time we got any was in January... maybe? wind, plenty. rain, squat. it's just not fair.

re: yes, I live with him. and it is hard to get privacy, but it'll be good. for the both of us.
» LostSoul13 on 2009-04-07 07:09:05

Actually, Serendipity was the one to guess it!

» PinkPanther08 on 2009-04-07 07:11:16

On my page?
Yeah, I did both of those. And I didn't bring my camera to the roof, or even stay long. It wasn't as fun as I remembered it being.
» middaymoon on 2009-04-07 08:17:47

what song is this?
» renaye on 2009-04-07 08:32:55

It's a blast.
One of the teachers is a total gas bag.
» middaymoon on 2009-04-07 11:33:33

yeah, thank goodness I don't hit on you*,**, now having calculated our age difference, it would be sketchy

**(only because you have a girlfriend)
» Zanzibar on 2009-04-08 12:02:21

Hey... have you watched the latest episode? Is it me or is there a tiny irregularity in Sylar's powers..
» Nuttz on 2009-04-08 03:06:50

Gas is RM2 per liter but you always consume more oil when you're stuck in jams but theoratically I shouldn't spend more than RM90 for the whole month for fuel.

I'm refering to shape-shifting. Remember back in Season 1 or maybe 2, there is a shape-shifter Candace? I thought Sylar took her powers when he killed her.
» Nuttz on 2009-04-08 03:27:52

Man.. I just realised how many "but"s I put in one sentence in my previous comment. I should read before I press the button.

Hmm.. Good point. Maybe he forgot all about that power, that's why he wanted the sounding very painful shapeshifting power. I think Danko's going to die. I wonder if Sylar will ever be a good person.
» Nuttz on 2009-04-08 03:43:37

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