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Monday. 3.10.08 1:48 am
On Saturday there was a tournament on Bainbridge Island. Nobody really takes it seriously, it's more of a "warm-up" tournament so to speak, a good place to practice upgraded routines before Regionals....but, the first bulletin on my list of resolutions was accomplished . Not only did I beat Jesse in freestyle, but I beat him 7.87 to 6.07 (out of 10). Bwahaha....albeit, he missed a lot trying new stuff and the judges were fairly inexperienced, BUT STILL. And I got placed first, so you know...

Hehe Brittany asked me to tolo today. It was a long, Matrix-themed scavenger hunt around town that centered around the theme of "follow the white rabbit"...and may or may not have inolved me popping, locking, and dropping it in the middle of the mall. It was all good fun because everything had something to do with The Matrix, and I decided to play along and bring my Neo glasses just for good measure. Oh and I said yes, so tolo is definitely this Saturday

My sister might have pink eye. It's not so much of a shock; I'm surprised the bacteria festering beneath her piles of make-up hadn't infected her sooner. I suppose it's karma, seeing as how she used up 100% of the hot water in the house and forced my mom and I to wait to do laundry and take showers ourselves. Apparenlty while I was out with Brittany she also threw a fit when she discovered that she would have to wash the pots and take out the dishes today. Yeah, your life sucks doesn't it. Get over yourself....'

Muffy over and out
Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

congrats!! I hope it stay that way then you won't need that resolution anymore. What's a tolo? I hope your sister doesn't pass on her infection over to you, Muffy. Hmm.. what's wrong with doing chores at home? I don't see the big problem but I do throw a fit when I'm the only one doing everything when my brothers are lazying around.
» Nuttz on 2008-03-10 06:10:01

Oh I forgot
to add that yes, the price for my phone is in RM and if you change it to USD, it's going to be around 350? Still the phone is expensive from my point of view but I have no choice since the cheaper ones look darn ugly and have sucky camera.
» Nuttz on 2008-03-10 06:15:00

holy hell Nuttz! that's an expensive phone ... but if I bought the iPhone now I'd be spending more than that.

anywho, sorry B. I needed to make that comment. lol. congrats on accomplishing your resolution! and what is it about doing chores that younger sibling loathe? I couldn't take it anymore so I had to rant about my sister, but just a little.
» LostSoul13 on 2008-03-10 02:40:08

I wish I could...
How do you fare against level nine falco CPU? That seems to be the best way of comparing. If you have a wii, and you get brawl, you can fight with Dilated and I!

That would be the shis.
» middaymoon on 2008-03-10 04:58:54

Either you have a crappy water heater or she took one hell of a long shower. :P
» randomjunk on 2008-03-10 08:53:29

woo! sounds like fun =D
I haven't done a scavenger hunt in so long. they're always a blast.
» invisible on 2008-03-11 02:35:16

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