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Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are... Up above the world so high...like a diamond in the sky..... Twinkle, twinkle little star. How i wonder what you are.

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ICQ #- 28820561
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A Silly Quiz thing....
Saturday. 1.24.04 2:44 pm
Yours are DEMON wings, possibly resembling
those of a bat - huge, black, and clawed. You are cold and impure, and a born Creature of theNight. Possibly with an interest in those of vampyric nature, or possibly one yourself. Youhave little sympathy or care for humanity and see them as existing for no real purpose - thus, you can be very manipulative and bend them to fit YOUR purpose. And you do have a purpose, to everything you do. Nine times out of ten it will be strictly for your own self gratification or perhaps merely amusement. As soon as a person or situation is no longer productive or pleasurable in your life, you will rid yourself of it or them. You could very well have just a touch of superiority complex(or perhaps more than a touch?). Despite all of this, you are capable of love so intense that you place that person's wishes even above your own - the only time that you will do so. Chances are you are attracted to people in which you see...yourself. Though many hate you for your carelessness and evil...Sexy, fierce, sinful, and mysterious...you turn me on.

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