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Thursday. 10.13.05 11:51 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

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Hey, it's been awhile. I read your comment on xanga and i'll post on your xanga page as well. Yep you were right, the song was "tangerine dream". Man, I'd definitely teach you if you wanted. It been to jam with someone, I wish I knew people who played guitar. I remember that song by splender, they had a couple good albums, but they never really took off. Sorry to hear about your relationship with your best friend and since 5th grade too. But I guess people change, for better or worse. I wish I was better at keeping in touch with people. I really haven't kept in touch with people from grade school. I had group of 5 close friends, but we each went to different high schools. So we kinda just drifted apart. We'd get together a couple times and hang out then those meetings just kinda stopped. I think some of the other guys are still friends, they go to same university. I tried calling a couple of them up a couple years ago, to catch up, but everyone just seems to busy. It kinda sucks, 'cause it's like why bother, if they really wanted they would’ve called me up. So in high school, I pretty much started over with making friends. It was a little easier to make friends in HS ‘cause it was more diverse and there were kids from a bunch of different backgrounds and definitely more asian kids, so I found it easier to relate. Of course I had my white friends too. But it was definitely easier to bond with my asian friends and make fun of are asian-ness, lol. So after HS, I tried quite a bit harder to keep in touch with more of my friends and it worked out okay for a while. But ya some people really changed. Some guy’s I knew turned into real pot heads or whatever their choice of drug, dropped out, and I have no clue where they are now. A couple of my friends turned into real hippies and are off in the mountains or rain forest somewhere. But ya, there are only about 5 friends I really talk to from high school, but it kinda sucks because 3 of those guys are in different parts of the country either at school or working. My best friend is still in Chicago at school, but lately it seems like everyone has their other group of friends and we just don’t hang out as much. When I went ISU, I started over once again. I didn’t know anyone there, there weren’t too many Asians there either. And the ones that were there were all fobs. I mean I knew other asian kids, but none that I would really call my friends ‘cause they all had their own groups. The Chinese kids would only hang out with the other Chinese. The Japanese with other Japanese and Korean with other Korean, etc. So my closest friends were my roommates (we pretty much roomed together for 4 years) and my buddies from engineering class (pretty much in the same classes since freshman year). Now that I’m back in Illinios and they’re all still in Iowa it’s gonna be tough. Those guy’s are either working and starting a family, or off at grad school. But ya, I really don’t want our friendships to just fade away. But ya, it kinda sucks when your friends don’t seem to return the effort. Sometimes I really wanna give all my old friends a call and just say, ‘what’s up’. But I wonder if they’d even remember me or if they really care. If they wanted to they could have given me a call rather than me calling them up. I don’t know. Anyways you’ll make new friends, college is probably the easiest way to meet new people. Hope everything works out. As for the job search it’s going, I’ve gone to a couple of career fairs and met some companines that seem pretty interested. I’ve sent in a couple applications already and I’ll have to follow up on some other ones. But this Friday, I’m headed to Aurora, IL for an open house and interview for Catepillar. So I hope that goes well, haven’t really had a real interview yet so I’ll have do some research on Cat. ~Mike
» Ikerton ( on 2005-10-16 03:27:09

Man I don't know why it does that, all my indentations and spacings don't transfer over. It's just one big mess.
» Ikerton ( on 2005-10-16 03:29:36

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