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This is the annual Haraja Fest. Its so much fun! Hey, can you find me in there?

This is one of my best friends, Mushi Bushi. Ladies, this pretty boy's still single!

It's good to be back!
I am now back in the Island of Ishbu, but before, I was not back. On route, through the Forest of the Gorilla-Head Coconut Trees, something incredible happened. I found a dead duck in the pond and was enjoying its remains when a cumulus cloud fell from the sky, and then it happened!

The cloud fell on my face, causing me to shout quite frantically "Abira abira-mazajurtri!" Translated into language, that mantra means "Oh cloud of destiny, bring me butter."

Unfortunately, a nearby Uncle heard misheard my words and turned into a nugget of concentrated calcium bioxide. It's true, it's true.

All this heavily flustered me, causing my arm pits to lactate with fervor and produce Ben & Jerry's low-fat cream cheese. One of my high school professor, Sir Isaac Newton, once said "A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections." I did not believe him until that moment in time.

As I reached the shores of Ishbu, I saw an old woman in the shape of a lion grow wings and fly into the sun. As she approached she sun, her wings wings turned into dolphins and swam away. She said "Come back!" but the dolphins just kept on mumbling "Wambi mabiekli..." and continued to swim away. Legends says that these dolphins have turned into paper seahorses, but I do not believe those legends, because they provide no substantial evidence to backup their claims. However, some baboons disagree with me -- even Yenamaboya. That boy's still got a lot to learn!

Anyway, I am now back at the Island sleeping in a bed of uranium shoe strings. It's good to be back!

Very interesting!! yea U need 2 find evidence B4 U beiieve some of those crazy legends....
» CPKviperpheonix on 2005-08-26 01:05:02

It's...uhhh...good to...have you back? Nice to meet you, I s'pose. ^.^
» SilverWolf on 2005-08-26 01:20:10

Welcome back. Do you not have any faith in anything, withou? I mean.. if something doesn't have substantial evidence, you can't believe in it with just your heart and not apply logic to it?
» Dilated on 2005-08-26 04:35:42

those legends are partly true. the lion-shaped old woman did exist. as did the dolphins. and they did indeed transform, but here is where the legends went wrong. from the dolphins, paper ZEBRAS were made. and the GREAT TAIKULI saw the shadows cast by these paper zebras and admired their perfection. To preserve their beauty before the next rainfall, he made the shadows flesh and blood. but the lion-shaped old lady remembered the origins of the zebras and how they had abandoned her. and this is why zebras and lions have remained enemies till this very day.
» theZEBRA on 2005-08-28 01:25:48

I would think that uranium show strings CAN NOT be safe. anyways!!! I do not know what more to do. I am just letting people know here and there that if they are looking to help a victim directly. We just want to make sure that Theresa feels secure and such while her mother is focusing on getting a house, a job, food, clothes and etc.
» aisforapple on 2005-09-03 10:26:49

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