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A Part of Last Night's Dream that Nobody Cares About
Thursday. 9.28.06 7:33 am
I sit in my back yard with my brother. He puts on a costume and goes into my neighbor's house. I never see him come out. I'm suddenly in my house and a guy walks in with a tub of dog food. I jump into the tub for some reason and, to keep from spilling it, I jump out immediately. But there's still a huge mess because the guy decides to smile and dump the dog food all over my couch.
I appear in a store with my brother and I have no idea what we're buying, but there's a guy buying some cloth and a plaid cloak. Later, we're back at my house and so is the guy from the store, who's holding a metal trashcan lid and a gun. His cloth is draped over a pole in front of him. He shoots one shot, then runs off. I pick up his gun and pull the trigger. The bullet goes about 2 feet. I pull the trigger again a little harder and faster and the bullet goes about 4 feet. So I keep doing this until I get a bullet pretty far.
I'm in my back yard again, where things are a little different than in real life (remember, this is a dream), and I find a gray skull thing. I pick it up and find a gross gooey subtance on the back and a large bug-like thing inside. My brother says something about it being the guy that had a tape player in his stomach.


whoa dreams are interesting things huh?
» crochetmama on 2006-09-28 09:37:32

Ever have those dreams where you feel like you seen everything before?
» randomjunk on 2006-09-28 04:30:35

Yeah, I do. Sometimes I have a dream that I've had before a while ago. It's weird. Sometimes I can fly - it's fun, I try to do it all the time in dreams.
» Custy on 2006-09-29 07:12:18

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