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Lady Gaga
So I listened to Artpop on Spotify. The majority of the songs were meh. Well, there's this group on The Sing-Off that made this mashup of some of Gaga's songs.

It's stuck in my head now.
Useful Things
Saturday. 11.19.05 7:28 pm
As you can guess . . . the hike was awesome.

Ok well whenever we got lost, we just yelled out "MARCO!" andif someone responded with "POLO!" or "Penis!" then you know we were near someone from our group. You could also usually distinguish who said what. The group I was with yelled "penis" while the other yelled "Polo" I found it quite humorous.

Well when we were going down from the top, we had to take a different trail. It still bothers me because we could have went on the same trail down and left at a quicker time... but we had to take the Red Trail to the Yellow Trail and crap all over the place! Soo we went down the trail for a quarter of a mile . . . and then we find out that we ahd to backtrack because the chaperones were leading us the wrong way...they were leading us down to the entrance of the Blue Trail when we needed to go to the Red Trail! So we backtracked and went along the trail. We continued. We were a huge group.
After another half a mile, we kinda lost some people. Some went ahead. Some didn't. I was near the back . . . then when we went to take a breath, the group got smaller. There were three girls and two adults. We picked up a few others. I supposed that the others were waaay ahead then. There were some times where we were close to the edge . . . but it wasn't that bad. We though we found the end . . . and it turned out that we did. Then some of the girls yelled, "MARCO" to make sure if there were any others that were close. When we heard a "polo," we were relieved. I jumped! Woot. yeah... I was happy. Soo then we re-grouped with a few others. Then we walked along the trail. It was about half a mile I think.... until we found Diamondopol's group. We made it to the place where the bus would meet us. Five to eight minutes later another group came. About 5 minutes afterwards Posnanski came. Theeeeen McCafferty came in 10 minutes after that.

Can you believe it? The teacher who planned this whole thing...and who keeps planning hiking trips up the Catskills came in last. I guess It's a good thing in case there were any people left behind. Luckilly we all made it.
It wasn't that bad. It was snowing...but it wasn't too cold. The only cold part was waiting for the bus. My legs are still sore, but it was great. I was able to hang out with people I normally didn't hang out with or talk to. I felt that it was a good thing because people started to see me as not just that quiet kid in school. I was exhausted...but t'was good.
Tomorrow I'm gonna help out with the food drive.... but I'm gonna study some tonight..hopefully. I'll try to develop the pictures tomorrow and post them up.

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