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Saturday, March 24, 2012
I was surprised to read this article: Kancheong parents. I was also somewhat sad to know this is not only happening to me but to other people.

I have been in my current job for 4 years. I had never had issues with my job until after my 4th anniversary in my job.

One of my responsibilities is to arrange student's placement for internship. It's a tedious job, and I lose more hair each year given that I'm already experiencing hair loss problem.

One afternoon, a student came to me and pleaded to have a specific placement due to distance factor. She was pleading until I have to tell her off that she HAS to negotiate with me NOT begging. I added to do it with dignity. I cannot tolerate such attitude even this could be her life and death situation.

I'm not an understanding person, but the students also have to understand that it's not easy to place 140 students in one of the placements they have chosen. Each placement can only accommodate a limited amount of students.

So when students came to me to request for their placement of choice I cannot entertain because it is strictly on first-come first-served basis.

I do not wish to entertain the student who pleaded just because she wanted a placement that is within her home radius. I offered her instead the next closest place to her home since there is still space and she accepted.

After I have announced the placement, I unexpectedly received a call from a parent whose daughter had come pleading to me earlier. She was pleading to me to change her daughter's placement by smothering the fact that her daughter is highly interested to work in that place. I didn't buy it because she didn't show such passion when she came pleading to me. In fact, there was fear drawn on her face. And I understood why the fear from the call.

The mother gave me every excuse she could think of to make me change her daughter's placement. It was my turn to plead for help. My 3 superiors were no where in sight and I alone have to battle with the call.

I talked to the mother for 30 minutes because I could not find any loops to end the call. So in the end, I requested the mother to let me talk to the daughter to end the call for good.

I ended up being distraught the whole afternoon. I could not do any of my work, and in fact I got scolding from my direct superior for entertaining the call. No one even asked me how I felt after having my energy drain.

The student apologised to me on behalf of her mother, but the damage to me cannot be undone.

If only I can tell the mother that she has forgotten that I'm too someone else's daughter. How would you feel if your daughter was me receiving those blows from you?

How selfish people are nowadays!

This article is interesting... Parents these days are smothering.. Actually, if it was me I'd just pass the call to my superior even if they're not in sight or just hang up and blame the faulty line. Come up with whatever stupid excuse possible.

I'm so glad I am not in your position.. I hate people smothering me.
» Nuttz on 2012-03-24 09:29:43

I'm sorry, it was tactless of me but sometimes superiors would be hypocritical in this situation because they'll mostly end up blaming you although you did the right thing. Most of the time, I'm glad I don't deal with parents..
» Nuttz on 2012-03-25 10:36:45

dealing with parents can be really difficult. I can't speak for working with older kids, but I used to work at a daycare and sometimes working with the parents was extremely stressful.

All I can say is...hopefully you can keep calm and remember that your life is most important :) don't stress yourself out too much.
» hellasamira on 2012-03-27 10:24:47



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