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~ Genting Trip ~ 27 Jan 08
1/27/08 3:37 PM

The whether in Genting was very foggy. But the ride was still on, while I was putting in my bag, some of my friends went to ride the spinning. Darn I forgot the name of this ride..... Can someone help me recall it? >.<
This was the second round, those who took the second round will be sure to be dizzy when they landed on the ground hahaaa...

Spin spin spin....spin....spin... Dizzy.....

Dizzy...dizzy....dizzy ...gonna puke.... haha joking..

Me and My friend(Kent) taking picture with the giant Energizer.

What you are going to see are FREE STYLE SHOTS~~~~~~

A picture with the London Bus...

My classmate stucked in the London telephone booth, and couldn't get out.... Well he was acting anyway, just like a pet trying to get out of the cage :D
While we were queuing up for the mini roller coaster ride, we took a picture :D
Didn't expect to queue since it's not holiday :P
After this ride you will see a photoshop that took your picture during the ride, and my friends were laughing at me....Because I was so ugly.... ~.~
Roller coaster ride....Going up...I can tell you that the ride was way too short, I wish it could be a little bit more longer so we can enjoy the thrill. 2 rounds of 360 degree turning was fun, and yet very short. Maybe that is why my friends went to try the Split Shot...... :S

Wall Climbing.... My friends climbed almost till the end but, he could not find a way up so he fall down hehe...
Well even the girls were trying to reach the top, they really try hard. Pretty impressive. But not everyone of us get the chance to climb because we need to get to the Motion Master just another 10min
Unfortunately, when we arrived there we need to split into 2 teams to watch the motion master.... so the 1st team who had the camera, and the 2nd team do not had it and I was in the 2nd team, no pictures for me sadly...
The "Pirate ship"

A night in the hotel .... Although we were pretty exhausted but we still wanted to take some photos . hehe... After we rest about 1hour in the hotel, 9pm we went to Burger King to had our dinner, and then we had a walk in the garden, forgot the name too.....Definitely I am having fun and I am laughing while I am blogging all these pictures.

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Back Online Again...(-_-)
2/4/08 2:34 PM
My computer is back online since yesterday. Phew. Luckily it can be fixed by installing back the windows XP, got to thank my friend Danny for lending me his windows XP. But then again one last part of the CPU that I needed to buy before all these issues can be totally gone; the power supply.

This is the last part I need, and I really hope it works. I appologize for my blog not updated for few days due to my CPU malfunction. Well I went to Genting right after my exam ends on 23rd Jan 08. So I could not updated my blog sooner. But I got the CPU fixed right after I got back from Genting on 25th Jan 08.

Of course I was very tired after the trip back from Genting. So I rest until today I posted something up. More to come so don't miss out, now let me finish my anime that I had missed for the week hehehee....that will be Naruto, Bleach, Shakugan No Shana 2 , and Avatar: The Last Air Bender....

Time to crazy for more animes again ho~ho~ho~

I will enjoy my holiday and you will enjoy the daily post and trips XD hope you like it and awaiting for it =) See ya

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Kid cries = lose concentration >.<
Sunday. 20.1.08 2:31 pm
Tomorrow is time for exam and now I am still refreshing every topics that I had gone through, unfortunately my baby brother is crying and making all the noises in the house.....darn it, I lose my concentration, cannot continue study....Audit needs a lot of memorizing >_< Need to consume more brain food....

Whatever video CD, cartoons that we put into VCD player to "ease" the noise, it just won't work, don't know what else to do to make him cool down....

He is really testing our patience....Well definitely he wins since we all obey whatever he pointed....From 6pm till the time he fall asleep non-stop shouting and crying....ARGH!!! surrender.... >_<

Tomorrow 9am exam starts and ends at 12pm, 3 hours paper. I hope I can vomit everything that I read :D haha

All I can do now is hope whatever I had studied is sufficient for me to pass by now.

Please pray for me :D hahaha

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Unkind Resident
Saturday, February 2, 2008
Every morning you woke up and go to balcony, what you wish is to get a fresh air and do some light exercise.... Unfortunately some m*rons just don't understand that there might be some people below your condo unit.

This guy or woman, HUMAN straight away use a water hose and SPRAY! All the water come from his or her unit down to MY BODY!!!! I was standing on my own balcony and suddenly water pouring down to me!! This is not the first time.... I tried to look who is the person could have done this maybe more than 1 person, not sure though.... I could not see it, because the water keep pouring down.

What else can I do? I can't be going every floor knocking the door and ask "Did you use water hose a few minutes ago?" So there is nothing I can do, isn't it? Until I can find out who is the person, on which floor that used water hose to spray the water down.... I wish I could see the source of the water come from.... This person is so unkind and inconsiderable. Even my mom uses a cloth to wipe and clean the balcony NOT SPRAYING WITH WATER HOSE!

If I know which floor uses water hose, I will for sure to complain to the management....but then again even the management could not do anything, so it is up to me to give that unkind resident a piece of my mind!
PrevalentCo - Unkind Resident

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MoSiangOnline 19th Guildwar Finale
Sunday. 1.20.08 7:36 am

MoSiangOnline - Blog

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Wednesday. 1.16.08 11:08 pm
About my CPU failure of being repair.... My CPU problem is unsure, no one knows what is the problem, not even myself.

It seems like this CPU has a malfunction build-in display, and the SATA wayar seems like broken, this means I need to buy a new Power Supply and new Display Card......WAH costly!!!

But none of it is sure. Because my CPU seems to function with those malfunction parts, and there is lesser power failure occurs..... Confused.....

IF continue to find out more problems, then my friend would for sure ask me to buy another new CPU....ARGH!!! Now I am really give up this CPU, I think I am just unlucky for buying such CPU that only LAST FOR 10 MONTHS!!!


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