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The Evening before All Saints' Day
Friday, October 31, 2008

Though the other name for Halloween is The evening before All Saints' Day but i think Halloween is a nicer n more chic version of it. Yesterday an old friend called and since he's in KL, where basically alot of ppl will celebrate just bout anythin, even if its not in our culture to celebrate it. So i casually asked if he's gonna do anythin for Halloween and he told me he's gonna dress up as Freddy Kruger. When i heard that i was like wht? Freddy Kruger? Are you serious? Wow.. i didnt know he wants to turn KL into A Nightmare on Elm Street! Since he got the hand thingy i think he'll be able to pull one successful prank, but wait, wht bout the face? the make up n the hat as well? All this is makin me wanting to do it as well! Dress up and go trick or treat! Hmmm..i wonder, if ive got a chance, wht or who am i gonna dress up as? well my fav's still Dorothy Gale but not sure if i wanna dress up like her since ive got that bright red ruby slippers! Earlier today i was talkin to a friend bout Halloween as well and the best part is that he's in Canada! too bad this year he's not gonna dress up, otherwise it would be so cool to actually see him dressing up as the God Father or Elvis Presley serenading Are You Lonesome Tonight!

Earlier on, i was readin a blog and i actually clicked on the link and i checked out the Ghost Town in or outta Vegas, not so sure bout the location, but i gotta say, the posters posted up jst made me wanna disappear and appear there in Vegas right now. I think its a really neat effort! Its amazing how jst a group of ppl with the common goal n interest able to turn a dead town into a town of many facets!

I actually went through Halloween with me and my bro goin on a joy ride n piggin out on two sticks of ice cream - Kit Kat and the other is some new chic lookin ice cream, vanilla orange flavoured wth some chocolate chips.. i only had a bite or two and the rest my bro finished it off.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its so not me to play truant when im at this age, not like i mind anyway but it does feel good to do so. Besides ive nothin much on for that 2hrs of class. Its gonna be more discussion on the continuation from the previous class on the trend of the past year papers, so i decided i can skip it since ive taken note on the trend and even did a lil table of analysis of it. I've another 3hrs tomorrow but this time around i think i might jst skip it since there's nothin much on. I've spent majority of my day on the pc workin on my assignment and i guess its time to take a break n take a breather. I'm yearning for somethin juicy, refreshing and cold right now but its too late to even go grab Lime/Lemon Sorbet - the hint of sourness that will make u twitch.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

this is just the perfect word to describe my condition right now. i've so much to do and i cant wait till the due date of my last piece of assignment. a few days more to go n a whole brand new month to intensify the endurance level till the final paper. there's jst so much in mind currently. its gettin all way to crowded up there. its either i get it outta my head or jst hang on till my finals are over. im kinda feelin the suffocation right now...or mayb its the sleepyness thats doin the talkin

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North meets South
Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today our eating spree started out early. We went for ice kacang in down town. we were there since 5ish. jolenesiah ordered ice kacang with watermelon whereas i had ice kacang with mango. the mango added the right hint of sourness into the ice kacang

Ice Kacang with Watermelon

Ice Kacang with Mango

The stall that we bought the ice kacang from

They offer a variety of food, from fresh fruits to ice kacang to rojak!

after our tea time, we left the place for our next destination. while i was walkin out, somethin caught my attention. a redish wood/wall top wth a lil chinesey design on the opposite side.


Its been ages since i've had any indian cuisine. So finally today we (me & jolenesiah) dined in this indian restaurant - Sri Ananda Bahwan. Perhaps it was cuz we were both hungry, the food was simply delectable! We ordered both the southern and nothern cuisine. From the north, we had Aloo Gobi (potato +cauliflower cooked in spice masala) and Vegetable Pullao (basmati rice with mix veg & fruits) and from the southerm side, we had Chicken Varuval (chicken+ginger+onion dry masala+spices).


Vegetable Pullao

Aloo Gobi

Chicken Varuval

The back entrance

The landscape on our right

After we were done and paid the bills, i couldnt help but to try out one of their desserts. i've no idea wht's the name of this "sweet" but the taste is very very extremely sweet n very milky!

Nice lookin but deadly sweet dessert

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Last night's outing was totally unplanned. Logged on the internet, did some online readin then an old friend asked if i would like to grab supper wth him. so since ive nothin much to do at home besides studyin n workin on my stalled Human Resource Economics assignment, i gayly accepted the invitation. So we went down town for some hawker food. Here are the food we ordered : chee cheong fun , ikan panggang (grilled stingray) & char koay teow


after we were done with supper, we went down town to a laid back kinda pub. it was really good to meet up with some good old friends there, friends i used to go for happy hour when i was working back then. so we sat together, catched up on the old times and played 2 games of foosball. it was simply enjoyable with rock & roll numbers playin in the background n with a shot of sambuca and tequila in the bloodstream, definitely got the foosball way more interesting than i've imagined! after the game, i bumped into another old friend n i got my 1/2 pint of kilkenny and we started chatting.

i was pretty surprised to know that she hangs out there so often to the point that she knows all the regular there, as though its like her 2nd home! i wonder what happened to her, cuz she's not the type to hang out at the club/pub often. perhaps it was the break-up with her girlfriend that caused the change in her. yes, u heard me right, girlfriend, she's a tomboy, she had her hair tied it up in a pony tail n dresses like a man as well. i've also noticed some man eaters around, some trans and definitely a whole bunch of older crowd lurking in the pub as well.

on my way back, i bumped into another friend as well. so we chatted a while then we went our separate ways. it was definitely a very fruitful night there where i got the chance to meet so many old friends at a place.

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Quick & Easy Tiffin
Saturday, October 25, 2008

Today i whipped up another quick and easy lunch for the family before i went out. Again, i experienced that no money can buy satisfaction when i saw both my parents, bro n my granny went for second serving of rice. I guess this really is my solace.

Mongolian Style Chicken

Stir-fry Tou Miao (Dow Miao)

Stuffed Beancurd

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