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Well Then
Wednesday. 4.4.07 12:12 am
ok, so we ended up getting to keep the compy. Still don't have WoW but at least have the compy (and NUTANG) still.
Started the whol 10 hours a day thing, its not so bad, the calls come in pretty good and keep you to busy to think that you are tired.
BTW I work at SITEL. We answer phones for a Military Insurance company named USAA. Also answer for USAA Education Foundation. (The foundation deals in publications that are useful for everyone. About home safety/anything like that. if you wanna look at it go to USAA Education Foundation) Its pretty cool if any of you have USAA don't write me cause i'll probably get in trouble.

haha made a hyperlink!!!!
omg axl is playing with his hair!! hhe

Any way..... So yeah get the compy still, gonna move at the end of the month. Ummmmmm i can't think of much else.

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ok well...
Monday. 4.2.07 9:49 am
okie dokie last entry, about to go to work, ugh, i don't think i wanna go, didn't sleep well last night. grrrrrrrr damn it
any way

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okie dokie then
Sunday. 4.1.07 3:26 pm
ok losing computer again, don't have enuff cash right now to keep up with the payments, which is ok cause this computer sux, any way, i may check in now and again at work but that computer is so slow i doubt i will any way bye!!

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ok well
Saturday. 3.31.07 12:48 pm
ok well the module thingy still isnt working, kinda stinks, well sorta cause i can't view my entries to get the code back anyway so yeah.
NOthing much interesting happening, willi is eating some banana cookies and trying to get to the mouse. (compy mouse) She's a dork. Anyway ummmmmmmmmmmm i dont' have anything to write.
Ummm i stink cause i haven't taken a bath yet but thats not really something everyone should know!! hehe
ummmmm i keep helping willi eat her banana cookies! no not really that would be mean!!

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