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Dr M is Aggressive
Thursday. 4.10.08 12:51 am
Aggressive is a norm for Dr M ever since the election(PRU-12) has ended. Dr M had been criticising our Prime Minister and other UMNO members due to the decease in Parliment chairs comparing to last election.

Despite of lots of news showing that UMNO leaders asked Dr M to stop criticising and stop blaming whose fault for the losses, Dr M still continues to do so until today.
There will be a meeting between Dr M and Abdullah Badawi for them to settle this issues.

I honestly like the Dr M for bringing up so many criticisms but he should provide some solutions for them too, this will help a lot rather than just keep on bombarding criticisms, Dr M had done well before in the past he should be more experience than citizens...

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Nearby TARC a car window was shattered...
Friday. 4.4.08 8:01 am
Yes this happened on yesterday 4/3/2008 when I was doing my routine, walking to Melati LRT station after revision class, around 4.15pm. I was with my friend walking down the road and we saw a car left side window were shattered.

It seems like that car were robbed before we got there. We believe it is a student's car, the car is old because there was no alarm after the window shattered. As we walked on we saw a police car passed by and at our surprise the police car did not notice the window car were shattered....The car was parked outside the TARC, just a few meters away from the gate. So guys you all should becareful of this as it will happen again.

Seems like there will be no one noticing this incident happened until students walk pass it.....Of course we did not do anything too, besides what else can we do, go to police station and report about it?? There is no police station nearby the TARC. Thus we head back home...

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Bye Bye 1sen
Sunday. 3.30.08 10:37 Pm
Yes say bye bye to 1sen coins, the deadline is finally here, although there are some outlets still accepting it and did not follow the rounding mechanism (new adjusting system only applicable to total amount). So people get your butt up and start sending your 1 sen coins to bank! Because the Bank Negara wishes to reduce the demand for the 1 sen coins.

So our secondary mathematic do pay off huh? Because now we are applying the rounding mechanism in our daily life! lolz

The rounding mechanism applicable to the total amount of a bill, included tax, which ends in 1,and 2sen will be rounded down same goes for 6 and 7 sen will be rounded down to the 5 sen. Whereas the total bill which ends in 3, 4, 8 and 9 sen will be rounded up example
RM 2.11 and RM 2.12 will be rounded down RM 2.10
RM 2.13 and RM 2.14 will be rounded up to RM 2.15
RM 2.16 and RM 2.17 will be rounded down to RM 2.15
RM 2.18 and RM 2.19 will be rounded up to RM 2.20

Remember this or you will end up embarrass yourself haha

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No More SMART Tunnel?! OMG
Sunday. 3.23.08 9:51 pm
I just read The Star newspaper and I came to this news article saying that SMART tunnel were closed on Saturday 6pm for diverting flood to prevent flooding in the city.... With the SMART tunnel closed there will be a lot of consumers use back the "old" style of travel to work.

SMART tunnel really aids a lot in congestion in my area, but now it is closed and the old congestion road will be occurring again, no doubt. Stuck on road for 30 minutes if you travel to work on 7am or back on 7 - 8pm....

Honestly the cost of going through SMART tunnel wasn't cheap but still consumers are willing to pay because they do not want to stuck in the traffic congestion. Seems like they are applying the economic theories, which is consumer is willing to pay for necessity instead of luxury.... And this SMART tunnel is a necessity provided you have car to travel to work.

You ask me, how often do I use the SMART tunnel? Hehe. NONE because I do not need to use the tunnel to get to my destination.

How many times have I used the tunnel? Well ONCE, it was a coincident! I were on my way back to my home, then I pick the wrong turn probably due to my sleepiness at 11pm then I kept on going until there is a sign board pointing that there is a road back to Pudu, So I took it, and I was in front of SMART tunnel...So I do not the choice but to use the SMART tunnel. By the way it was free because it was still in testing stage.


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What if you are not a Human?
Tuesday. 3.18.08 7:06 am
What if you are not a human? What will you do after you found out this truth? Lately a lot of series aired saying that they were not a normal human(Heroes, Kyle XY, Roswell, etc) or some aliens(Smallville, Angel, etc)

If I really know I am non-human....I will be freak out, and hide like what the series done, so call fulfill the destiny like having no choice of choosing my own fate. Better runaway and live a normal life. Series like Heroes, shows that they will stand up and save the world, Smallville shows that Clark ran away from his destiny and tries to live his own normal farm life. Kyle XY would train his skills and help the people around him.

I don't think I can handle by myself so it's kinda shows that we all need people to support each other, as the saying goes "together we are strong, divided we are weak".

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Time to form new Government
Sunday. 3.16.08 7:53 am
It is time for the parties to form the new government. Although the 12th general election was over but the new government has yet to be formed, it is a surprise and there is nothing the Rakyat can do but to wait and hope for the best to arrive.

A long and tedious to-do list is awaiting the parties. Discussions and meetings are held more often. A company could not run without management, same goes with a country cannot improve without a government. The government who protects the Rakyat has yet been formed, it triggers the worry in all Rakyat's hearts and mind.

I live in Kuala Lumpur and I see policemen are everywhere, it's kinda relieve but in the same time it shows that there might have some unpleasant incidents.

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