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Ethnicity. full Mexican
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November 2020

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November 2020

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dammn with mouth
Wednesday. 10.24.07 10:13 pm
mood: sad
watching: malcom in the middle
... Today I feel undefended, I accept my future or what's happening to me now, that as the dientologo says "if you know what you are going to be decreasing your anxiety ..." But that is what happens when you know what's wrong and you do not want to pass? Say, I feel good within what one might BUT HATE THE THINGS EXTRAS

My hat is worth all be swollen, or uncomfortable, what bothers me is that I say that I am going to leave early and leave at 2 --- .... I mean having to go to the next day at 7 o'clock in the morning ...

Not ... Or let me know ... But either way ... Jejeje what happens with nuntang that are being reset over and over again???

I die for a hamburger and I want go wendys I want to be able to speak well, I do not want to go to master tomorrow ... I feel bad. My boyfriend are taking care of me, it makes me very happy ... Love it ... I therefore no longer called the attention the computer, there are many more things to do than be stuck here ... Or on TV ....

And I want to relieve ... Dirt wisdom teeth! ! !

L @ Le

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Wednesday. 10.24.07 9:47 pm
i have been having problems with my mouth... my theets hurt, and i have many problems with it specialy yesterday, when i went to the doctor and he say... i'm sorry i have to extract you that theet....

now... i want to eat

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Saturday. 10.20.07 11:03 pm
as you know, I don't have nothing to do today... I have been writing, in msn, in blogger, or here in nutang... searching for nothing.... watching the emptyness of a boring saturday.... how did i get here????.... rewind.... oh yes!!! i know... i'm in delicias, suffering a crazy teeth pain.... we have a girl!!! the new "trail teeth" it's awfull.... makes all my mouth hurts and puffy ....


my bad english!!! i will improve it.... that's for sure

[email protected]

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crazy toughts
293th day of 2007
mood: retarded

well... today has been a weird day, as all days in my life. I have been thinking in past, in present, in what it would happens if... and all that things that, as a human been you must thing when you realize that your life is changing... right now my life is changing, I have a new work, I have been loosing friends, and I have been realized that I have some friends that I didn't know that I have.... I belive that 2007 is a year of changes... since the beggining, when I lost myself and I found me again few months later, change my home twice, I had fights, strong fights, with myself.... I dunno... what would be of me if I didn't have to past for all that...

you have to excuse my english... that's what i'm here, to improve it.

[email protected]


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have to speak (or write) in english
Friday. 10.19.07 11:36 pm
watching: computer
listening to: karen chat
mood: sad, excited by cofee
but... I want to say curse words... in spanish... the new word is....

curse words !!!

:D yeeei!!!!

like the first love... and with eggs

[email protected]

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