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sex with robots+music
Friday. 8.29.08 5:46 pm

Remember when you were a kid and you told your friends that you totally
loved your new computer, and some little luddite looked at you and
said, "So why don't you marry it?" There was that brief moment when you
thought your Commodore 64 could, in fact, make a nice spouse. If not,
move along. If so, David Levy told participants at a conference last
week that we would all be having loving relationships with robots by
2050, not just trysts in Massachussetts. He predicts that we'll have robots as sex toys within five years and true, deep relationships later on. Some robots already kiss, some seem to hate,
but Levy says we'll have emotional relationships based on conversation
by mid-century. Until that time, remember your C64, your first true
love. She / he remembers you, you selfish jerk.

Music is now here

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New porn channel lets Canadians strut their stuff
Monday. 8.25.08 6:28 pm

Mon Aug 18, 2008 8:57am EDT

By Ashleigh Patterson

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadians who may have become tired of being passed over as porn stars will have a new, home-grown outlet to showcase their erotic talents.

Federal regulators have granted Alberta-based Real Productions approval to launch a new digital pornography channel, which promises to serve up at least 50 percent domestic content.

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approved the Category 2 pay-television service on Wednesday, allowing Northern Peaks to become "Canada's first adult video channel offering significant Canadian adult content."

"I think as Canadians there is a bit of a tiredness in seeing all American stuff," Shaun Donnelly, president of Real Productions, said during an interview on Friday.

"There is always that thrill for something that is local and you get the sense that these are people you can meet at the supermarket."

The CRTC only required 15 percent Canadian content, but Northern Peaks agreed to provide "not less than 50 percent of the broadcast day and not less than 50 percent of the evening broadcast period to Canadian programming," according to the license.

"We want to be Canada's adult channel and I think to do that, 15 percent wouldn't cut it," Donnelly said.

Real Productions boasts the largest collection of Canadian adult-themed content in the country with more than 200 film titles and 75 television episodes in its library.

The regulator stipulated the license will only be issued once Real Productions enters into an agreement with at least one licensed distributor.

Donnelly, who has also produced television programs for Playboy TV in the U.S. and Granada Television in Britain, said all five major Canadian cable and satellite carriers have expressed interest in hosting the channel and are reviewing the proposal.

"I've been in touch with the cable companies throughout the process and went ahead with it based on the interest we had," he said

Northern Peaks will be restricted to certain types of programming including long-form documentaries, dramatic series, feature films, game shows, mini-series, sitcoms and made-for-TV movies.

The CRTC received no interventions in connection with the application, which was initially launched in October 2007.

(Reporting by Ashleigh Patterson; editing by Rob Wilson)

© Thomson Reuters 2008 All rights reserved

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more on breast milk
Tuesday. 8.19.08 2:10 am
Breast Feeding.
" The primary benefit of breast milk is nutritional. Human milk contains just the right amount of fatty acids, lactose, water, and amino acids for human digestion, brain development, and growth."

Breast Milk.
  • High in fat
  • Nutritious, nutritionally balanced
  • The sugars in breast milk change as time passes to match the baby's diet/metabolism
Baby Facts.
  • Babies should be breast fed for at least a year
  • They can be fed solid food at around 4 to 6 months.
  • Solid foods should be introduced one at a time, in case an allergic reaction may happen- it can quickly be detected of the cause.
Breast-feeding Facts.
  • "The more you breast feed the longer you produce milk; like, picking fruit off a tree- the next time around it grows more food."

There are some people that get offended when women breast-feed out in the public. 
It's because of erotic fixations.

Breasts serve different functions on females.
  1. Erotic Functions
  2. Nutritious Functions
People who frown upon it have an erotic fixation that the breast is only used for that purpose.

Friend's Input:
the erotic fixation may actually be the male attraction reverting to a child like state of wanting something soft and comforting.

want to know anymore look at these faq's

Frequently Asked Questions About Induced Lactation

Do I need to take birth control as part of the induction process?

Most definately NO!!! You do not need to take birth control at all in the induction process. You will hear others tout needing to use birth control pills to simulate pregnancy and birth, but this is NOT needed as shown in studies and also the many clients that I have helped over the years, and studies I have done. Not using it will make you lactate regardless, so there is no need to subject your body to birth control. In fact, it can hinder lactation.

What is the correct dom dosage for lactation?

The correct dom dosage for lactation is 20-40mg, 3-4 times per day during daytime, preferably an hour and a half after meals. Studies have recently shown that dom is absorbed by the body 23% more if taken 1 1/2 hours after meals. The range is given as everyone is different as far as how their system reacts to dom- some may need more than others to benefit. Dom can also be taken at any time during the induction process, along with a regular schedule of stimulation.

Are there any side effects or contraindications to taking domperidone (motilium)?

Side effects are very rare and include headache and dry mouth. Some people also complain of GI upset, but that most likely happens if you don't take it 1 1/2 hours after eating. Because there is a range of the dom dosage, if you experience headaches you can adjust the dosage accordingly. If you are taking any other medications, please see your doctor or pharmacist first to see if there are any potential medication interactions.

How long should I stay on domperidone?

The norm is about 6 months, then you slowly wean off of it and continue your schedule of stimulation, and if you take herbs, continue taking them.

Are there any other medications that can be used for induction?

Reglan(Metoclopramide) has been used over the years but is currently not recommended as one of the side effects is severe depression. On a personal note I have taken it a couple times myself but never again even though it brought in drops in 24 hours. The side effects I experienced were just way too much to handle, including extreme restlessness, and upset GI system.

How much stimulation is the right amount?

The optimum schedule for stimulation is every 3-4 hours, for a maximum of 30 minutes. Recent studies have shown that more than 30 minutes for each session can shut off the signal in the brain to produce more milk. Stimulation can be in the form of massage, suckling, or using a hospital grade pump.

What is the right kind of breast pump to use and can it be used to induce lactation rather than just be used after you get at least drops?

A pump can be used at any time in the induction process, even at the beginning, and also can be used alone for the induction process. Some people will say that you can not induce by a pump alone, but it does work. The best pump is a hospital grade pump, especially one that not only the amount of suction can be regulated, but also the cycles of suction. Some of the best deals for pumps can be found on ebay www.ebay.com

Once I get at least drops, how can I increase the flow?

The body works on a supply and demand basis, so the more you stimulate, the more you produce. There are also certain herbs that will work to increase flow. The most popular is fenugreek, but some shy away from it as it has a side effect of making your body fluids (sweat, urine) smell like maple. Recommended dose is 2-4 500mg capsules three times daily with meals. Blessed Thistle is the second most popular herb, and it can have a laxative effect on your system. The dosage is 3-4 capsules 3 times per day and for the tincture 10-20 drops (2 ml) 2-4 times per day.

How long does it take to induce lactation?

Everyone is different as to how long it takes and there are many variables- what method you use, how often you stimulate, stress, any other medications and herbs, etc etc Using domperidone along with a regular schedule of stimulation is the fastest method.

Can I induce without medication and or herbs?

If you are adamant about inducing without the use of domperidone, you have to be extremely strict with a schedule, but it can work. It can be a very long winded and discouraging process, but it can be done. Induction with just using herbs does not work- herbs are really only good once you have at least drops, not for the induction process itself.

Do I need to change my diet at all while lactating?

Experts recommend eating approximately 500 extra calories above your usual non-breastfeeding intake. The calcium recommendation for nursing women is 1,000 milligrams (mg) per day. It's fine to get more than the recommended dietary allowance as long as your total daily intake is less than 2,500 mg. Try to get your calcium through food instead of a vitamin supplement — your body will absorb it better.

Can I induce lactation just to increase my breast size?

Just like the advertisements you see for herbal mixtures that say you will increase breast size if you use their product, the body does not work that way so there is no guarantee that you will increase size, and if there is any, it will only be a temporary measure just like the herbal mixtures.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] of join my yahoo group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/InducedLactation On a personal note I have induced a few times myself over the years, and over the years have volunteered my time counseling many couples on induced lactation.

Enjoy.... HAHAHAH

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more xstuff about the wee wee
Tuesday. 8.19.08 1:39 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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sex and SEXY FOOD
Monday. 8.4.08 4:05 pm

AIM convo, with this person D34D Z3R0 screwing around with sumone on AIM:. and tastycakes

Edom619: hey asl?
D34D Z3R0: aids? no, sex? yes if you don't have aids, location? anywhere if you don't have aids
Edom619: what ever you say?
D34D Z3R0: do you have aids?
Edom619: no
D34D Z3R0: ok, wanna have sex?
Edom619: asl?
D34D Z3R0: I told you
Edom619: no you didnt
D34D Z3R0: aids? no, sex? yes if you don't have aids, location? anywhere if you don't have aids
Edom619: what does that mean?
D34D Z3R0: you asked a/s/l
D34D Z3R0: aids/sex/location
D34D Z3R0: I answered
Edom619: your funny
Edom619: hahaha
D34D Z3R0: funny, how?
Edom619: what is your age, male or female?
D34D Z3R0: how can my age be a male or female?
Edom619: gtg this is getting real boring
D34D Z3R0: gtg?
D34D Z3R0: good to go?
Edom619: bye
D34D Z3R0: no
D34D Z3R0: I want to have sex with you
D34D Z3R0: don't be scared, it won't hurt too much
D34D Z3R0: you'll feel more pleasure than pain
D34D Z3R0: besides my yao ming is small
Edom619: only after i get your age\
D34D Z3R0: I forgot how old I am
D34D Z3R0: does age matter?
Edom619: if your 10 then yes
Edom619: and age does matter
D34D Z3R0: if i'm 15, would you have sex with me?
Edom619: it depends
D34D Z3R0: how about if i'm 17?
Edom619: i have to go now if you dont tell me your age and if your male of female i would hate if your a guy
D34D Z3R0: does it matter?
Edom619: matter what?
D34D Z3R0: if i'm a male of female?
Edom619: yes definately
D34D Z3R0: why would that matter?
Edom619: im not gay
D34D Z3R0: what if I was a guy and a girl?
D34D Z3R0: a hermaphrodite
D34D Z3R0: you could fuck my pussy
Edom619: thats disgusting
D34D Z3R0: just ignore my cock
D34D Z3R0: I have a penis and a vagina for real
Edom619: nasty
D34D Z3R0: you can fuck my vagina
D34D Z3R0: I was born like this
D34D Z3R0: how is it nasty?>
D34D Z3R0: I can't help it
Edom619: gtg bye
D34D Z3R0: I love you
Edom619: so nice but please tell me if your age and swex
D34D Z3R0: call me sometimes (525)674-9089
Edom619: were do you live?
Edom619: what is your age?
D34D Z3R0: I don't know my age, I think it's between 15 and 19, and i'm a hermaphrodite
D34D Z3R0: arkansas
Edom619: are you seriuos
D34D Z3R0: yes
D34D Z3R0: call me sometimes
Edom619: about the hermaphrodite
D34D Z3R0: yea
Edom619: maybe
Edom619: i cant trust you
Edom619: i need to know your age and sex
D34D Z3R0: I told you
D34D Z3R0: I look like a girl but I have a cock and a pussy
Edom619: ok bye
D34D Z3R0: awwwwww
Edom619: bye
D34D Z3R0: bye

Take A Bite! - photo gallery 

some beautiful and erotic cake designs

Erotic cakes can run the gamut from slightly suggestive to downright explicit. They are often given for bachelor/bachelorette parties, but have been growing in popularity for retirements, to honor someone who just survived a divorce or for later middle-age birthday parties.

Nick and Jill's erotic cake by Nick Nick1

cake for a Bachelor/bachelorette party

erotic cakes by hyperbolation

the boob cake was a red velvet cake. mmmm....

Joe's erotic cake made by Leslie. by Good 2 Go

Joe's erotic cake made by Leslie

Happy Birthday..Nice Melons by RyanTids

Happy Birthday..Nice Melons

naughty cake by f1alye

Made for a friend's 40th - He was extremely pleased

Bath Cake 2 by Boich

Bath Cake

IMG_7401 erotic cake by André Epstein

erotic cake

The Pope partaking in the erotic cake by The Mattatuck Pope

The Pope is giving into the earthly desires of humans

Erotic cake by demeatloaf

A vagina cake.

Rude cakes by kashka23

Rude cakes At the erotic bakery.

Hens Party Cake by Muffin Cup

Hens Party Cake

The Real "Cake Love" by Andy-Land

Erotic cakes at the Gay Erotic Expo!

Trampy Cake by sondraroman

Trampy Cake

Naughty adult cake by Ree album

Picture speaks for itself

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X-rated commericial for mentos and more inside
Monday. 8.4.08 3:55 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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