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Age. 28
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location San Jose, CA
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Random Stuff
When's the best time to blog?
Saturday. 11.4.06 8:29 pm
listening to: Love Letter-Gackt
mood: tired (as usual)
watching: Code Geass ep.1

Well, just when is the best time to blog? The answer: when you're waiting for an anime episode to finish downloading. =P

I realized that I've been watching a lot of anime recently. I guess I can attribute it to Death Note and D.grayman coming out at the same time. And now I'm downloading Code Geass. Wonder how that'll be...

I'm really tired today. I really don't get my chemistry homework...a bad sign, since we have our unit test coming up next week. And my Chem buddy (a.k.a. my friend who is really good at chemistry) is at the beach enjoying herself. Meanie...<_<;;

There's a pile of math hw waiting for me too...High school life just boils down to work, work, and more work. Fortunately, I was able to *finally* finish Yasei no Bara for Kalendel. I felt really bad that I've been working on that script for so long. I feel even worse for Evenstar, who's still waiting for me to finish Tongari...esprcially since I've officially been added to the VK staff group.

But yeah, I realize that there's an issue with the alignment of my cbox. I'm too lazy to go fix it, so yeah...=_=;;

Here's the other layout I made. I didn't like it as much as this current one, so I didn't use it. You can see it at http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m233/Sylphiemisc/

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New layout!
Friday. 11.3.06 7:50 pm
I should be more ethusiastic about a new layout...but I'm not. I'm not very happy with this one...maybe I'm just too picky.

Anyways, I made a new avy to go along with this background. I like the avy, but the background is...=___="

Not to mention all my technical difficulties getting the text properly aligned....I think I did something weird...^^;;

Well, I'll do more editing on it later. Tomorrow. I'm sleepy...=_=

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Meh, iffy day...I need a new layout!!!
Wednesday. 11.1.06 7:58 pm
So, today was...a weird day.

I started off being very cold. I woke up shivering. It's soooo cold. >_<

And then I went to school really early, but my friends were there already, so we hung out, and it was all good. My day seemed to be getting better, since I got a lot of work done on my project in art class. But then...

I did really badly on my run in P.E. The distance we ran was a kilometer, and I can usually get 7 some minutes. But today, I got 8 minutes. Yeah, baaaaad. Not to mention I was really tired, even though we ran less than our usual mile. My stomach hurt a lot. I think it was because my friends started piling me with candy. =_=

And things got worse in my history class. Time literally crawled as we sat there, doing notes, then a worksheet, than a political cartoon. God, it was boring.

After school, I walked home with my friends, and then I went over to my best friend's house. We did our homework together, and it was really fun.

On another note, I plan to get a new layout soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to have it up by this weekend. Unfortunately, I haven't decided on the color scheme. My two plans are either to have a pink layout or a purple layout. A green layout wouldn't be too bad either...

P.S. Avy accredited to Kan-chan. Love ya lots. <3

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Tuesday. 10.31.06 7:58 pm
watching: Ye man tian nu
listening to: Winter Love-BoA
mood: depressed

Today was just not a very good day.

So things started out pretty bad, when I completely didn't understand our Chemistry lab. Not to mention Chem was really boring, and I didn't get enough sleep last night due to all my math hw, so I let my lab partner do most of the work. Bad miscalculation. I guess there's a reason she's failing Chem...we got a 3/10 on our in class lab. That's bad. Really bad. And my chem grade is borderline right now... *sigh*

And now, we'll skip down to my math class. We had a test today. 100 points. I bombed the test. I didn't even finish the whole test, and I didn't know how to do a lot of the problems. Baaaaaad. I have a 90.00% in math right now. *big sigh*

If I thought I did bad on my math test, I did worse on my English test. Grammar is usually my strongest point, but I got all the different pronoun forms mixed up. Not to mention I couldn't figure out the difference between the predicate and the proposition, and I got really confused. @[email protected]

All in all, not my greatest halloween ever. But still, Halloween is Halloween...

Happy Halloween everyone!!! <3

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Saturday. 10.28.06 10:21 pm
watching: Xiao Yu'er yu Hua Wu Que ep.6
listening to: Chao Ren-Dicky Cheun
mood: Sleepy...again

So, here's a basic break-down of what I did today. And sadly, it wasn't much.

This morning, I got up, then went out to volunteer with my friend at a book sale to raise money for sick children or something. I don't remember. <_<

Then I got home, and started making a layout from scratch. About halfway through, I figured out it wasn't going to work. ^_^ So then I dug up some old banner I made, created a background (which I had to fix around twenty times), and used the Four Seasons template by EffinJOSELL, and made the whole blog. Thankfully, it didn't turn out looking as bad as I expected, though I probably spent an hour making all the necessary changes and all sorts of minor tweaking.

Sometimes between that, one of my friends called me. We chatted for awhile about all sorts of things. Haha, life is so simple. Not. And after an appetizing lunch (*cough*not*cough*), I had some scripts to turn into evenstar, who was getting impatient. And then totochan caught, er, found me. She was really really nice about everything, giving me as much time as needed to finish proofing the four scripts. But I feel even more pressured because she was so nice. Haha, reverse psychology. X_x

Sometimes after I finished as much as I could, I ended up watching Xiao Yu'er yu Hua Wu Que. I'm already through five episodes, and each episode is like, 45 minutes long. The beginning is pretty good, but I heard that it degressed as it went on. The thing is, I can't stand the female lead, Tie Xin Lan. She's so annoying! And as hot as Hua Wu Que looks, I prefer Xiao Yu'er, who's actually nice and has a personality. Unlike Wu Que, who constantly acts like the "perfect man", and then ends up fathering two kids on two different women, one of whom kills the other out of jealousy. My only consolation is that Tie Xin Lan is killed by Jiang Yu Yan. God, I really dislike Fan Bing Bing. Her acting as Tie Xin Lan sucks, and she's not even as pretty as Yuan Guan, who plays Su Ying. Oh well, thirty five episodes left of it to watch. I don't think I can finish the whole series though...too long...

Which brings me to the title of this entry, procrasinating...yeah, I have an essay, a lab report, a project, and a lot of math homework. And what did I do today? I hung around, messed up and put together my Nutang, watched a chinese martial arts drama, and got mauled for scripts. Yup...anything to avoid work. -___-"

But it's getting late now, so it's time to say good night. Oyasumi nasai, minna-san~Mata ashita! <3

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Success! Sorta...
Saturday. 10.28.06 1:46 pm
watching: D.Grayman ep.4
listening to: Dogma-Nightmare
mood: Kinda happy...

Okay, so after spending the whole morning messing around with my layout, I finally came up with a halfway decent looking blog. <_<

During the editing period, anyone who visited my nutang would probably have seen my blog undergo dramatic changes, my cbox vanishing and reappearing, my banner shrinking and enlarging, and my blog entries changing at the blink of an eye. Sorry...=_=

I'm not very happy with my layout right now. I'll change it...after I go take a nap. ^_^

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