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This week on NuTang
Monday. 11.6.06 12:38 am
This week on NuTang, we had 25 new sign-ups (many of whom haven't published their first blog post yet).

Congrats to razzly for domination!

(Will the SnS migration continue?) The Celebrity Lookalike Contest is back. Mercury-System cranks out more features. Dirty corporate politics at NextStudent are uncovered. Is dave married?

Always remember: NuTang, where skies are blue and dreams come true. Don't worry, ikimashokie, your dream's only a few (thousand) clicks away.

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Setting the Number of Blog Entries
Sunday. 10.29.06 2:48 pm
You can now set the number of blog entries per page on your weblog. To administer this, go to NuTROL Account Info. Near the bottom, you will see the option to do this. The default number of blog entries per page is 6.

Thanks to Katrina, conjurer of deadly hurricanes, for this wonderful idea.

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The Recommendation and PoPo Systems
Saturday. 10.21.06 2:30 pm
Earlier this week, beta versions of the Recommendation and PoPo systems were launched.

Recommendation System
The purpose of this system is to give members a way to commend their fellow NuTang bloggers for their interesting blog entries. (Thanks to hmdaswani for this great idea!) To give a blog entry a recommendation, merely click the "recommend!" link at the bottom of the entry.

Once you do, you're recommendation will be logged and duly noted. (Yes, you get a link back to your site!)

The NuMod
You have discovered this already, but we have a new NuMod! You can publish modules that display:
* a list of the latest entries that you've recommended
* a list of your entries that have received the most recommendations

Enter the ...

PoPo System
Go to the PoPo (Popular Posts) page by click "PoPo" on the top navigation menu. This page aggregrates ALL recommendations received, and displays the most recommended entries!

So Go Start Recommending!
Here are two PPS Opportunities to give you more of an incentive:
* Opportunity Uno
* Opportunity Dos

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A few updates
Sunday. 10.15.06 12:59 am
Hello, hello. Here are some updates.
  • Thanks to ikimashokie's suggestion, now all members will know when someone saves them as a friend. You will receive a note about it in your inbox.
  • A "hot topics" section is adde to the bottom of every page in the forums. Now, there's no need to check each forum and thread to see what's been responded to.
  • And, guess what? We have a new NuStore item. Buy your own forum!
And that's all she wrote.

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The Launch of NuTangWiki
Friday. 10.13.06 7:53 pm

Today, we are proud to launch the NuTangWiki (NuTang.xPPGY.com). Whether you want to learn more about the history of NuTang or contribute to its growing legacy, NuTangWiki is the place for it. In the coming weeks, billions or less articles will be added to the wiki.

Dave will host a special PPS opportunity for the NuTangWiki. Look for that on the PPS Opportunities forum.

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We've upgraded our server!
Sunday. 10.8.06 5:58 pm
In case you haven't heard, we've moved our datacenters to the southernmost part of the Island of Ishbu, known as Huihuizone. Many people experienced some downtime during this process and, on behalf of the NuTang Staff, I would like to extend our apologies. We thank you for your patience.

We should be expecting NuTang.com to load much more quickly now. We also have more room to play and fiddle with new enhancements. Expect a series of BIG updates to come in the next three to four weeks.

The first of which will reveal the truth behind the site. For the new members, learn about what was brewing before your predestined arrivals at NuTang. For the older members, relive the great memories of yore. For all members, learn and uncover some of the best kept secrets of NuTang! Expect this BIG update to come out within a week.

Also, I would like to take a moment of silence to commemorate the baboons that lost their lives transporting the data during this server upgrade. We lost some of our best baboons. They passed away with bravery and honor. I believe dave will be documenting the migration of data in his weblog to immortalize the epic journey and those that lost their lives.

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