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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Statutes, Legislations, Laws . These three words have been zoomin across my eyes for almost the whole day now and i guess its time i hit the break n relax a lil. At this particular moment , i so wanna go for a joy ride but i dont wanna do it by myself. So wish ive got my best friend around right now!

Guess i'll wait till tomorrow's hairband shopping to de-stress me. I broke my black hairband earlier, sigh...so careless of me and i dont want to be wearin my silver twin row diamante alice band at home for im afraid i might loose some of the swarovski crystals again.

When i was checkin my emails earlier , i got a mail via facebook from my ex. Perhaps he's really sincere in being friends but wht i cant stand is that boastful side of him and also he's married, ( not literally but they are registered so lookin from that view, they are officially husband and wife) so why bother keepin in touch?

A lot of my friends that knew bout this told me that he has got a hidden agenda from the phone calls he made and also he'd made a mistake by being with that girl cuz they are afriad that she might jst be a rebound. Rebound or not its not my prob and also i do pity them if their marriage dont turn out to be long lasting.

To me, i gotta say tht his wife is just one insecured girl. Before they got registered , she added me in facebook and she was tellin me that my ex told her stuff bout me and so on , n i was like , why are you tellin me all this? i honestly dont give a damn bout wht he tells you bout me. perhaps he's jst tryin to let u know that he's the right one for u n try to impress or perhaps gain sympathy from all his endeavours in gettin me back? also even before the registration, she moved in n she hinted that to me indirectly that she has moved in.. so wht? wht are you tryin to imply here? that its my lost that i didnt take him back? lol.. its jst hilarious on how some girls will jst do that.

honestly i dont mind being friends with my ex but his phony attitude jst makes it impossible. mayb i should jst reply his facebook message n tell him to get the hell outta my life. to me its such a nuisance to have someone so fake over the phone to be updatin bout his life n try to get some juicy stories outta me. perhaps in this case , ignorance is bliss

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Two Quick & Easy Dinner Dishes
Monday, November 17, 2008

My first paper will be 4 days from now and yet i'm still very much in the cookin mood! I should be buryin myself in books but i dont see that happenin. i wonder when am i gonna start to get nervous for my first paper. Mayb its a good sign that i dont, u know for a change cuz usually the night before my paper , ill have butterflies in my stomach..

Since , both mom n granny wasnt in the mood to cook dinner , i took the liberty to cook somethin quick n easy for dinner. Also wth the fridge partial empty there's not much i can do. I cooked soup (Glassnoodles, Beancurd Stick , Meat Balls & Romaine lettuce) and a. ..hmm..i wonder wht am i gonna name this dish.. i suppose i can name it Egg Tofu wth Hoisin Minced Pork?

Ingredients for Egg Tofu wth Hoisin Minced Pork

Minced Garlic, Carrots and Slices of Shiitake Mushrooms

Egg Tofu or Plain Tofu can be used

Marinated Minced Pork ( white & black pepper, soy sauce ,brown sugar, cornflour & rice wine)

Cut the egg tofu into approximately 2cms then slightly dust it with cornflour and lower it into the wok when the oil's hot enough. Fryin it in batches is recommended to maintain the shape of the egg tofu. After that set aside on a kitchen towel to drain the excessive oil from the tofu

Fried Egg Tofu

Next its time to make the gravy. Heat oil in the wok/non stick pan n when its hot , drop the minced garlic n stir fry till its golden brownish then add in the minced pork then the carrots and shiitake mushrooms.


When the minced pork is cook, add in the seasoning ( hoisin sauce , dark soy sauce, water and dried chillie paste)


Let it simmer for a while and when its done, pour it over the fried egg tofu, dont forget to remove the kitchen towel.


and VOILA....

The soup's a very easy one. You can either use chicken bones or chicken stock for the soup based and the rest's easy. When the stock's boilin, put the meatballs , beancurd sticks and lastly the glass noodles.


Chop the Romaine lettuce into bite size or slightly bigger and place it in a big soup bowl and just pour in the boiling soup and there you are..


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Conditional Freedom
Sunday, November 16, 2008

Living in a democracy country should mean we've all the freedom we're entitled for but sadly in the place where im from, they interpret democracy differently. Democracy is all bout political freedom to them. For us, the people of the country are bounded by different law - human rights, civil rights ..etc and democracy do not cover that.

Its even written in the Constitution that our freedom is categorised as conditional freedom. Why does such thing even exist? Isnt laws enough to regulate and bind our behaviours? Why do they need to circumscribe our freedom? Will we even achieve total freedom? Even freedom to blog is restrained. Blogging bout political views or any other rather sensitive issues will landed the writer a place in the custody of ISA. Indonesia for example, their government has more respect and recognition for their fellow bloggers as a catalyst for democracy; there's even a Pesta Blogger 2008 - Theme: Blogging for Society, supported by 3 Indonesian ministries. I wonder will Malaysia have that as well?

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why do people make choices? Would you make your choices by circumstances or choice?

These questions got me pondering. Of course we make choices everyday but what do we really based our choices on? When we do make choices, are those choices something weíd really want and enthusiastic about or itís something we choose cause we think that weíre lacking the options of other alternatives? Or simply weíre too focused on solving the problem and we confined ourselves in that circumstance?

I never really give it much thought about the word ďchoicesĒ. When I asked myself these questions I started to travel back in time to see whether did I make my choices by circumstances or choice. Iím actually glad to make the choice of staying with my mom instead of my dad when I was kind of forced to choose between them. Given the circumstances at that time Iím sure Iíd chosen to stay with my dad instead but I chose otherwise. Up till now I donít know why Iíve done that but one thing Iím sure of, growing up with my mom, bro n granny, this is something I wonít regret looking back and the best Iíve had and Iíve never trade it for anything else. Of course weíve had heated arguments , misunderstandings, being a pain in the arse at each other but I guess all this lil ups and downs that matters at the end of the day. It does definitely make the journey much sweeter and a solid platform for a stronger bond.

A lot of people tend to make choices by the given circumstances they are in instead of thinking of the fact that they are in total control of their choices. Maybe it never occurred to them that theyíre actually more in control of their choices than they thought they are, even in the worst circumstance. More often than not most people make choices that they ended up regretting but I guess they never really ask themselves why did they make such choice in the first place? Because they are in that given situation or itís really their choice? There are some that even with those bad choices they made in their past; they never regretted ever make them n those are the people that I salute cause I honestly donít think a lot of people can do that. Iíve made bad choices as well and Iíve never regretted because I know very well the consequences when I made them. Choices got to lead to happiness in the end no matter how one based their choices on.

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Sugar Sugar
Friday, November 14, 2008

This song has been playin on my mind since last night n i jst gotta post the mtv up here! This its the clearest version i could get hold of. Enjoy!

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An Overdue Post
Friday, November 14, 2008

I was recently given a rose by Renaye


roses are red
leaves are green
girls are like steel

The rules of the award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls youíve nominated.

Therefore I'm giving the animated rose to:

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