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Another Headache!
Monday. 8.25.08 8:44 am
Now I am facing a new path....I am required to choose ACCA optional papers. Not that I have not known this will be happening but it just I did not expect it so fast to happen....it's been 3years and now it is my final year!

So now i need to choose which 4 optional papers....
Advanced Performance Management,
Advanced Financial Management,
Advanced Taxation,
Advanced Audit & Assurance.

Each of the papers will affect my chance of getting a pass in ACCA....So I need to consider carefully about which one of the papers I can handle!

Even my friends are getting headache when choosing these papers.... A lot of rumours going around, makes my decision-making skill even more confusing.... I'm doomed!!!

Time to consult those professionals and lecturers....!!

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Rogue Movie Review
Monday. 8.18.08 9:30 am
Yeah I went to watch this movie, kinda regretted it wasted my RM 12 for this movie....The movie duration is just 1 hour and 30+ minutes not even close to 2 hours....It is a horror movie and it filled with thrill due to the sound effect not much of the giant crocodile....

"How fast can you swim?" Written on the movie title, really not suit because it should be how fast can you plan your escape? hehe all eaten alive while standing near the shore... The Rogue only have 2 persons and 1 dog dead... being eaten by the giant crocodile, well all the scene is about the sound effect only in the end where the main character has to fight to the death with the croc otherwise we won't see the WHOLE BODY of the giant croc....

This movie speaks a lot of foul words, though I understand of the situation(stranded in small island) that is why the tourists keep on scolding foul languages(especially FU*K)...Do notice there is a guy wearing a black T-Shirt he is a photographer wearing a shirt sign "The Man" and "The Legend" ^_^ "The man" words pointing the guy's face where as "The Legend" pointing below hope you get what I meant

Overall this movie is not worth to watch....but it really scared the hell out of viewers due to the sound effect....

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Restrict Children From Watching Violence Movies
Saturday. 8.16.08 10:17 pm
Someone had brought up this issue in The Sun newspaper yesterday requested the authority to consider restricting children under age 12 and 13 from viewing violence movie such as Dark Knight. To be honest I totally agree. Our government should impose a rule restricting children under aged 12 or 13 from watching violence movie although it is U(Umum) but it is still not suitable for kids.

Kids do not know how to differentiate the reality and movie. I remember when I was small after I watch a movie I would try to mimic the movie stunt and how they talked that is because I do not know that it is a fake and is a no-do-able for me until I got into accident broke my teeth.....

Therefore I do not see why should children under-aged 12 or 13 watching Umum movie that is violence, I do encourage the children watch comedy movies as most of them aren't that violence and most of all it is so funny =)

I believe that authority should enforce the law forbidding the under-aged 18 from watching 18SG and 18SX.... And don't keep cut out scene especially the kissing scene XD

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What Have the World Turn to? Foul languages!
Saturday. 8.16.08 10:07 am
Nowadays even children speaks in foul words....I still remember the time where we all were not allowed to do so until we are old enough like 21 because by then we already moved out or go out much more often rather than staying home....so parents hardly heard when we talk foul language...

Just so you know recently I heard some one who is just merely 17 years old can't even form a complete sentence without adding foul words into the sentences... otherwise he can't even talk properly... What is happening to our society now? Seems like foul words are essential to form a sentence....

Eventhough we all learnt Moral it is still useless in curbing this matter...such small matter could not be solved.....If we asked them to speak out a good sentence orally they failed to do so... Besides that, the foul languages had become a habit or culture....pity

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This is what i call "Opportunity CosT"
Friday. 8.15.08 6:44 am
Seriously I recently can apply this term opportunity cost, where i learn this? From my financial management subject.... What's opportunity cost? It means you have to sacrifice some cost or alternatives when you make a choice....

Well I applied this term in last 3 days during the Olympic opening ceremony on 8 August 2008 (08.08.08) where my friends and I had to make a choice between to watch Olympic opening ceremony or study for our mid term test? Duh of course WATCH THE OLYMPIC!
That is what i had decided which is different from my friends as they chosen to study for mid term....

Aiyo... Olympic only comes in every 4 years so I don't want to miss this out.... Besides it is totally worth, because the opening ceremony is a GREAT BUZZ.... Everytime a new activity comes they done it so beautifully and astonishing!!!!

I say it is totally worth of letting go my mid-term :P but I passed! Lucky me! hehe...I hope you guys enjoyed the opening ceremony as I had =)

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RapidKL Finally Break Down
Tuesday. 7.29.08 10:00 pm
This Tuesday morning when I was on my way to RapidKL Putra LRT Masjid Jamek there was a notice stating that there was a technical difficulties occurred and I thought it was for yesterday so I did not even care about it.....

Until I came and waited for more than 15minutes and the announcement keep on repeating finally I pay attention to the announcement.....Guess what they said it gonna take more than 1 hour to fix the problem....Compare to StarLine LRT, they have less technical failure.....Or did they maintain better than Putra? Sigh.

Man I was struggling on what other way to help me get to my destination beside Taxi. I forgot which Bus number can get to TARC so I gave up and waited the LRT....guess what I met my coursemate. So he called his friend to send him to the college, we just have to get there before 8.30am fortunately we did and the station we were forced to stop is SetiaWangsa....Taking taxi from here was impossible because there were A LOT OF PASSENGERS!! MORE THAN 20!! Pity some of the college students who were facing Mid-term test in the morning....They are going to face make good after all....WE WERE STRANDED!! Can I say we made our very own Lost series in Malaysia version? LOL

How can this break down happened? Although it was due to glitches but still taking like so many hours fixing it? On 12pm the RapidKL was still having difficulties....until i went back to TARC again on 3.30pm the train was back to normal, man at this time not many people were using, besides it was just 1 hour left to go home.

Well all I can say I am lucky because I was late for 30 minutes for my morning lecture while some others made it on 9am which already late for 1 hour(still have 1hour and 30min before the lecture ends).

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