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Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are... Up above the world so high...like a diamond in the sky..... Twinkle, twinkle little star. How i wonder what you are.

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Monday. 1.19.04 9:12 am
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Sunday, January 18, 2004
Ok.... this is either gonna be very cool..... or not.... Rusty has net access.... He's either gonna be my best friend on the internet....... or he's gonna be my annoying lil tagalong...lol.. either way...lol... I'll live. This is the epitome of pathetic though.....lol... i'm downloading MSN for him... so i can IM him from downstairs.... is that bad....... or what???

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Potential Preponderances of Proliferous Pointles
Sunday. 1.18.04 4:01 pm
watching: Smallville....Go Up In Flames! YEEEEHAW!!!
listening to: Metallica... that now sucks...
mood: happy, sad, retarded
Ugh.... i so lose track of time down here in my dungeon. We got the LAN hooked up... so now we both have the internet.... him on evil amy... and me on athena....It's pretty cool.. except for the fact that i have to play teacher...lol... i actually don't mind.... I can send him an instant message...lol... or he can send me one....I am actually pondering the pointlessness of a lot of things that i am just not seeing the point in anymore.... i must flee...or so my head keeps trying to tell me... i wish the voices in my head would please limit their sharing to 5 minutes or less so everyone who wants to speak gets a chance....

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Already exhausted
Sunday. 1.18.04 12:13 pm
watching: my new monitor
listening to: internet radio on iTunes for Windows
mood: exhausted and bitchy
It's 920 Am... and i am exhausted...... already. I don't exactly like this feeling... btu if i try to go back to sleep... either rusty will get a bee in his bonnet to go to Walgreen's... or the dogs will abuse me as i try to reach an unconscious state of nirvana..... either way... i be screwed!!!! So i guess I'll just have to sit here and listen to this station... and enjoy it..... or else....

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The (Not-So)Temporary Insanity Of Puppy Ownership
Saturday. 1.17.04 7:11 am
listening to: Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack( Disturbed- Down With The Sickness)
mood: AAARGH!!!!
Ok.... i have officially lost my mind... not that i ever really had one before..... and probably my temper too...My puppies, Lucy (9mo pitbull) and TailGate ( 5mo shepherd/chow/rottweiler) have destroyed the sanctity of my computer room...... The trash can.... which houses all my File 13 data.... and a small quantity (3) of live baby mice... who are coincidentally being kept in the trashcan because a.) they got in there and b.) it's safer in there... (there are mouse traps out here) have has been spread all over the room.... thankfully... the three baby mice are still in there... well fed and happy. ( Ok.. so i'm one of those bleeding heart animal lovers that like like mice.. and don't wanna see these adorable lil things get snapped up in a mousetrap) They spread my blankets .. which were carefully and neatly folded and placed on my giant bean bag chair all over the floor and promptly proceeded to play on them.... they almost knocked my monitor off the edge of the table... which would have really pissed me off... but i caught them in time. i do not know why i subjected myself to this insanity... knowing full well what puppies are like... but all in all... i really do love the little snots.... i just wish they weren't so.... destructive.

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Friday. 1.16.04 6:22 am
listening to: Cradle Of Filth
mood: excited.... hyper...... happy.... Did i mention... excited??
I'm getting a 4th tattoo!!!!!! Yay!!!!! Go Me!!!!!!! I'm not sure if i want the celtic knot moon.... or another one... maybe one i got from a temp tattoo site..... i dunno... For those of you who DON'T already know..... The SunMoon thing in my header image.... was the pic i had my third one drawn from. Maybe I'll get the crazystar one..... I am SOOOO excited..... Tattooooooooooos......

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