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"I AM SO MAD!!!!
70th day of 2008
THAT I HAVE TO WRITE A BLOG ABOUT THIS!" I yelled to Rebecca as I sat at her computer.
Okay, so yesterday I had to leave work early because I had a performance for the musical. Pause- I just got my fortune told from one of those paper fortune teller things "A baby wants you to run for president"- Resume. So anyways, at work yesterday we were rehearsing the dances for the Meet the Nicktoons! show but I had to leave at eleven to get to the theater for the musical. It was all cool cool and I was kinda glad that I didn't have to bake in the sun for any longer.
Like five minutes ago I entered Rebecca's room and checked my homework. We're just like talking and stuff and she goes "OMG! I forgot to tell you! Yesterday we got to clock out at four and then do the bungee jump thing." --If you've been to great america you know there's this like super high bungee jump thing where you like free fall from way high and like swing around. It costs 16$ or something. They all got to do it for free as their like 'initiation'. Anyone who knows me knows that I 've ALWAYS wanted to do it but I've never gotten the chance. Of course when I have to leave early the whole character department gets to go on it... for free... and do it like five times. So as soon as she tells me this I jump up and go "ARE YOU KIDING ME?!?!?!"
Unfortunatly she wasn't.
Also, Unfortunatly, Dan didn't scream like a girl on it, as we all hoped he would.

All I can say is that I BETTER get to do it sometime this year or I'm going to be soooo doubly pissed. Okay, I have to go to work [ironic] now.
Till the super sonics,

Quote of the hour:
"You just hit me with the creme filling!"

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I'll try to avoid writing more of these
64th day of 2008
but this is going to be one of those GREAT seven sentence entries. So anyways, I hate not writing for a couple of days but thats what has to happen right now. We're in tech for our school musical Once on This Island so we have BLAH hours. Monday was 5:30-10:30, today was 5:30-10:30, tomorrow is the same, Thursday is a preview performance, and Friday is opening night. Therefor I'm not able to sit and write for very long. I had some really great things I wanted to talk about today too...
Note to self for later blogs:
my experiences at Cat's house
how i love influencing friends
till the room mates,

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What a character
62th day of 2008
So this summer I'm working at a theme park as a character. I've had orientation, and two training days so far. Today the rest of the characters and I were 'working' from 10am to 6pm. I carpooled with my friend from school, Rebbecca, and we got there around 9:48. We went through Post 4 [security] and made our way over to the break room. When we got there, there were like 15 of the other kids all lounging around. Let me pause the story to say that I love my job. Its just so... chill.
Anyways, we couldn't clock in until 10 so I chatted with Bryant a bit. Yesterday was Fernando's nineteenth birthday and he invited all of the characters out to dinner. Which was surprising considering we had just met him like 5 minutes before the offer. I guess he knew the majority of the people though because this is his fifth season working. Bryant and I were going to go out to dinner to celebrate but my mom didn't want to drive me. Then today I found out that Bryant didn't make it there either. His excuse; on his way home or whatever from work yesterday while he was driving down this hill the lady in front of him started to made this turn (in an area where left turns weren't allowed) but then she suddenly stopped and since they were going down, he couldn't get his car to stop fast enough. I think he said the front left of his car hit the side left of the lady's. The lady tried to blame it on him and stuff. She was old, and from another country. Long story short, neither of us went to dinner.
Soo, then I went over to the couches and watched part of an episode of Dora the Explorer with like 6 other people. Then we clocked in and started 'work'. The first two hours were sooo boring. We sat and read these 'training packets' out loud. Then we got a fifteen minute break [which Rebbecca, Sarah, Nathalie, Bryant, and I spent doing an I SPY book] and got back together to learn how to put a few of the costumes on. We watched Dora, Diego, and I think Patrick and SpongeBob get dressed. Then we took our hour lunch break. Fernando drove _____ and I to this little shopping strip to grab food. [[I forgot who else was in the car with us :( ]]. We met with like seven other people and ate pizza. We then went back to the park, clocked back in, and watched Go Diego Go! while waiting for the group to get organized. A few of us were picked to get dressed in the other costumes for the first time [[I got Jimmy Neutron]] and then we had mock meet&greets. Then we switched out of the costumes and other people got in. We did a walk to the front of the park, did another meet&greet and then came back. We took our second break [[in which we watched Avatar: The Last Airbender]] and then played games until it was six.
I really love everyone in the character department. They're so cool. Everyone's really nice [[and young (15-20?)]]. We basically live in our breakroom. Theres heads all over the place [kinda weird...], a biiiiiigggggg old mirror, the little tv area with couches [we're only allowed to watch Nickelodeon shows], and a row of lockers. I love the lockers. They're painted green with that big orange Nickleodeon Blob going across them. A few people chare lockers & nobody uses locks. People drop notes and stuff in each other's lockers. We're sorta like a big family. Which is surprising because most of us have only known each other for two days. Oh yeah, yesterday we played Nickelodeon scene it for like and hour [and got paid]. We're also the only department that works for 30 minutes, breaks for thirty, works for thirty etc. Its nice.
I'll post pictures from today when I send them from my phone.
Till the tooth brushes,

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I think its kinda weird
60th day of 2008
to have a wedding in a restaurant. I'm about to go to one so I have like a minute to type. One of our radio stations had this contest where they had two couples who wanted to get married and listeners called in to vote for who they think should get it. The winner (who got 12,000 votes) was announced yesterday and today they're going to the BroadwayGrill to get married (the station is paying for everything). Its open for like everyone to come. What weirds me out it like, who would want to find out that they're getting married a day before the wedding? Maybe its just me, but I want to get married somewhere nice. It seems so impromptu and awkward. I don't even know the names of the people but theres going to be food and my moms really wants to see it so i'm going. But still.... At my wedding its gonna be like one hundred of my peeps and one hundred of his. It certainly won't be in a little restaurant with TONS of people that are wearing jeans and don't even know my name.
At least they get shipped off to Hawaii later...
Till the lemon drops,

Btw, the losing bride to be had 9,000 votes. I just got here and there's orange and purple balloons everywhere. Aw. The couple is kinda cute. Ill take pictures and post them later.

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A blog by Danielle
58th day of 2008
Jen told me to put words in her mouth cause she doesn't know what to say . Muahahaha.i win. Soooo were sitting here in rehearsal bored. Again. For some reason we spend an annoyingly long time sitting with nothing to do, even though we're featured dancers. So yeah. And we just learned a dance we will probably never do because its just too simple for us. Life marches on. Whoop- dee do!
Tata for now
her friend dani ;)-

Update from Thursday's rehearsal: we learned a new dance just for the featured dancers. Danielle was right. We never will do the other one.

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So I'm sitting in film class
57th day of 2008
and I'm about to die of boredom. We're supposed to be writing scripts... "A modern day fairy tale" and I'm really not in the mood. Sometimes this class can be really great. And other times its boring as hell. I've written the first three scenes and I'm soooo over the project all ready. One of the reasons that class is over the top boring today is because all the seniors are gone on a retreat. They're usually pretty entertaining because they argue with our teacher so much. Their absence leaves.... 9 of us here. I just spent an hour doing nothing. Anddd now I'm writing this blog. I feel like I'm rambling. I just... don't have anything to say. Oh! One of the juniors brought in Krispy Kreme in celebration of the seniors being gone. I ate two. I think I'm gonna grab a third because all I brought for lunch today is a bag of bagel chips. And its not even a full bag. My film teacher is looking at me. . . I think she thinks I'm working because I look semi-concentrated on my typing. lame sauce. Shes walking over to me. To discuss what I've done today. Oh boy.
till the cookie crumbles,

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