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Monday, November 24, 2008

Caffeine just dont work on me anymore. oh why??? i wish it would though! But its been so long since i had coffee and i thought i might be able to use the caffeine to my advantage but i guess my body has grown immuned to the caffeine. I even had 2 large mug of coffee last night to enable myself to stay awake through the wee hours of the morning but i kinda fell asleep, got up again n dozed off again. Man! my sleepin pattern sucks!

Can't wait to get done wth my Human Resource Economics paper later at 2pm n head back home and try to compensate back on last night's lack of sleep. Which i knew is totally impossible cuz there's no way i can pay back my lack of sleep. No luxury of sleep till my last paper. By then sleep would probably be the last thing on my mind. I used to think that sleepin is a waste of time. Cuz there's so much that can be done in the sleepin duration.

Even with my last paper jst days away, sleep still gotta wait for its turn. I'd be busy after my last paper. There's no much to do. I do hope i get all of it done and also its time to do some experimentation on my old round oven! No baking yet, jst some trial n error grillin or whtever u call it.

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One of a Kind Ride
Saturday, November 22, 2008

I've this thing for cars though i dont know much but at times the sound of the exhaust or the sound during accelaration appears heavenly to my ears! Also i personally love some episodes of Top Gear, especially the one with the Double Decker car racing!

I was jst looking around and i stumbled upon all this one-of-a-kind cars. Enjoy!

Definitely one hell of a metallic purple Cadillac Series 75 Sedan look- alike

Someone please trim the grass or lawn or whatever that's growin on the car!

Tell me that's not some animal fur planted on the car!

Oh man! Those guys musta been really desperate in gettin that junk back home on a two-wheeled cart

This is definitely one sexy and sleek ride! Love the tail lights, reminds me of a Skyline GT-R32

Sea or land? Why not have best of both worlds?

Owner's desperate enough to want a house to have built the exterior on his truck!

Can't decide on which Mazda? MPV or RX-8? This is how this fella cut cost on gettin both!

How on earth ppl get into this?

This fella seriously need to stop thinkin bout underwater world or some kinda fish he's obsessed with!

Wanna get noticed? Give this a try! Definitely turn heads!

Oh my! This is classic! Is that another car on top? Tryin to cheat on the road tax?

My my! What do we have here? A reebok automobile?

Thought Flintsone's only in TV, guess we have our own version of modern day Flintstone as well

You're not thinkin of flying in this Volks are you?

Dont think the dead would wanna use the casket as their means of transportation!

Grave digger? More like the grave digger turn the chasis of the casket car into some monster truck!

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21st Nov
Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yesterday’s law paper was tough and what’s worst is that I didn’t manage to finish up the last part; I was half way through it when the time’s up! Arghhhhh…it’s all my fault, my lousy time management. It seems like the whole class finds it hard and that most of them didn’t complete it all. Guess we’re all riding in the same boat then. Despite that I’m pretty sure I managed to secure a good 20% outta 50%.

I was already in a pretty disappointed mode and those idiotic drivers on the road just got to add salt to the wound! They were so freaking slow and bloody took the whole road! Don’t they know how to keep to the slow lane and not stir up some unnecessary jam at the peak hour?! Not only that, there were 2 ambulances, one with the siren on and straight away one will know that they are in a hurry to rush the patient in the back of the truck/van to the hospital and the other was just right behind me taking a slow right with no siren on but that particular ambulance behind me took a stupid decision and sped pass me and right in front where the lane the ambulance was at there was a jam so he cut into my lane n everyone got to hit the emergency break to allow space for the ambulance to cut in! What’s worse is that you can hear the screeching sound of the tires! What an ass driver! His action might have caused the whole stretch of cars to be involved in a massive pile up!

Of course I bitched bout it to my mom about what happened when I was on my way back. And I was cursing the driver for the first few minutes until I manage to just get rid of the incident outta my head. So I got ready to head out for dinner with my high school friend that just got back from S’pore. She suggested Korean food, so we head to the usual restaurant I frequented with jolenesiah . When we arrived at the restaurant, the place was empty and the usual waiter came and took our orders and not long after, people started to fill the place. What surprised me is that the waiter actually said “Long time no sees”… I was nice to know that people still remember you. I guess it’s pretty hard not to recognize a regular’s face. This time around I didn’t take any pics. There were only two new Banchan, one’s a potato and the other’s I think its some asparagus. It was good though. I like the asparagus better, the crunchy feel and the sauce to it is just superb. We ordered Kimchi Soup as well and the waiter actually asked if we were like a bigger size then the regular ones they offered. It was really nice of him to ask, I guess jolenesiah made a mark there that she loves Kimchi soup so much and usually it’s dry till the last drop when we’re done with it!

After dinner we took a ride up to Bt Ferringhi. So we went down and walked around a lil on the stretch of night market and we went and bought some dvds. I actually got it bro. Bought WAR (Jet Li & Jason Statham) , Revolver (Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, Vincent Pastore,Andre Benjamin – A film by Guy Ritchie) & Southland Tales ( Dwayne Johnson, Seann William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Bai Ling and Mandy Moore ).

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Its all Crystal Clear now
Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today has been somewht pretty eventful. My car broke down again! Thank god i was home when that happened and i was like 5 hours behind schedule for my hair cut. Not like i'd set any appointment with the hairdresser but ive had plans on my schedule today and i dont like to postponed things. Just a lil trim and some thinnin, not some drastic change for its already drastic enough from long hair to short hair n i mean short, above my shoulder. Somehow today when the hairdresser thin my hair n blow it , the back seems a lil longer now. Hmmm..mayb i'll go back again in bout a few weeks time to trim the tail off.

So back to my 12 years old car, the mechanic rescued her and she was alive again! Yay! Otherwise its gonna be a prob for me tomorrow cuz ive got my law paper to sit for. Very soon my faithful 12 years old baby will be serving for a new owner. I do hope she wont be venting her anger :P

Since its workplace law tomorrow, all that ive been doin today is more n more readin. Cant wait till its over and chuck the book aside! Im actually using two text books! can u believe that? like as if one has got insufficient junk in it! Oh well, its jst another law paper. Am glad that this is my last law sub! Bout 15mins back i was still studyin and suddenly i everythin is so crystal clear, like i've got this light bulb lightin above my head, all the concepts and all the cases and whtever not suddenly makes a lot of sense to me n i no longer feel the blur clouds dancin above my head.

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Some Kinda Wonderful
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finally i manage to get this song! Yay! This definitely brings back memories. I've been hooked to it since the first time i heard it! all thanks to my bestie! I didnt expect the MTV to turn out to be this but oh well , i still love the song! Bet you can direct a better one bestie!

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Email from Linda Ladd
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is definitely a pleasant early morning surprise for me! I was actually wondering did my email get through in the first place cuz i didnt send it through the website bout rather i copied n paste the email add of Linda Ladd on my gmail so i can email her from gmail instead of from the Outlook account.

Now i seriously cant wait till exam's over , perhaps i dont have to wait that long to get her books, mayb i can do it right after friday when im done wth my Workplace Law paper , which i cant wait to get over with to be honest! Then perhaps i can shop for my hairband at the same time. Am not really in the mood to shop for it and be in a crowded place today cuz one thing, its the school holidays so definitely all the malls would be packed with people and i dont think im up for it. I'd rather stay home n finish up more of my reading on law materials.

Here are the books i cant wait to get my hands on!

Photobucket Photobucket

And here's a nice email from Linda :

Hi Alexis!

Thank you so much for the nice letter! It really made my day! I'm so glad you liked Die Smiling. I hope you enjoy the other two books as well. They're a little creepy in parts but I really enjoy writing about Claire and Black and all their friends at the lake.

Claire Morgan #4 comes out next August and is titled Enter Evil. It's about a born sociopath but Claire's hot on his trail. :)

Again, it was very nice for you to take the time to write to me. I love to hear from my readers. Sorry it took so long to reply but I've been gone for awhile. Now I'm back and ready to start my new novel so thanks for the encouragement.

Please take care and keep in touch! Hope you have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

Warmest wishes,

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