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Derrick Wee


Beneath Inconsistency and Imperfections.

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people who kept complaining about why
can't they comment, which is because you
just have to type the first four code given.
hah i know its stupid but this is how it works!



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Back to school
Monday. 9.8.08 7:40 am
yes, we're back to school. its such a pain in the ass.
maths paper 2 and chem paper was [email protected]#$%^&*
i think i can seroiusly fail badly this time.
thank god its prelims and not o level. phew..

anyway got bored and started webcaming with MS TAN.
she looks sooo cute. macham like chinese doll like that! LOL

yes we're full of crap. just feeling kinda bored(:
she print screen it, if not it wouldn't be pink. hah


i wna swim tmr after my physic paper.
wna get soak under the burning sun!
i need to find a swimming buddy.. anyone out there?

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Goodbye holiday.
Saturday. 9.6.08 7:01 am
My week have been pretty busy.
watched 4 movies this week
-Wall.E (pg)
-Clone wars (pg)
-Bangkok (m16)
-Mid night trian (m18)

Mid night trian is super gross, but hell yeah im loving it.

i'm kinda sad right now as my last week of holiday is ending.
and i'm back to school till my o level ends.
which means i really have to mug like a lunatic.
gonna club tonight later on,
but i dont think i can club tmr at st. james. sighh
as i have two prelim papers on monday. holy shit. this is crap.

Goodbye holidays and Welcome fucked up school.

i'm so broke right now.

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Thursday. 9.4.08 6:49 am
America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 is OUT.
its interesting when there is a transexual in this cycle!

catch it on youtube now.

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Old time fave
Wednesday. 9.3.08 5:13 am

Blind(acoustic) - Life house

Far away - Nickelback

I was young but I wasn't naive
I watched helpless as you turned around to leave
And still I have the pain I have to carry
A past so deep that even you could not bury if you tried

After all this time
I never thought we'd be here
When my love for you was blind

But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it
That I loved you more than you'll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go

This time, this place. Misused, Mistakes
Too long, Too late. Who was I to make you wait
Just one chance, just one breath
Just in case there's just one left
Cause you know...

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I thought so too.
Tuesday. 9.2.08 12:41 pm

yup, you guessed it right.
went to Night Safari today, overall not that bad luh.
but its so freaking dark can't even see a thing.
but the bats are so cool luh. Super near us.
it can jus fly right in front of your face
and everyone was like screaming away?
but not me luh, i'm so brave..... heh

alright i decide to watch my mio-tv today.
havent touch the television for a very long time.
gonna watch Big Fat Liar later on. teehee

thankyou for being there.

thought i was so over....
but come to think again. gosh hell no.
im trying so hard to stay happy. as you can see.
but i'm emotionally unstable man. sighhh
i just want a simplefuck life. its that so hard to ask for?

i don't have the power ; nor the ability.
i have nothing ; nothing at all.
i am just nobody.

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Beauty Sleep
Tuesday. 9.2.08 12:21 am

sleeping makes my day. yawnn.


i have to be up for my POA lesson later on,
so i have to get ready in any time by now.
woOt and i'm awake with a bloody fucked up face.
yes please, go ahead and slap me.


yet.. i have a second thought,
should i attend my lesson later on. kinda lazy.
so i'll probably get back to my beauty sleep. heh
sleeping is part of my life. shhhh.. be quiet (:


holy crap i know i'm full of bullshit...

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