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friday's here again
Friday. 3.24.06 2:25 pm
it's friday! went uni for abt an hour. to get some mp3 from BK n drop some stuff in the honours room. so i dun have so much to carry on monday. finished the study group stuff for the 2nd year. so get to relax from tt over the weekend. heee.... :P n work from home. ard now. i should b doin work now!

got to study for MLP3 exam soon. but first have to ask steve what is it goin to b like. then i can plan my study ard tt.

things to do over the weekend:

1) read bioenergetics 3 book. n make notes.
2) read journals. n make notes too.
3) study perhaps?

hope will get stuff done over the weekend which looks to b a very very warm weekend. today is freakin warm!! cannot tahan... i want air-con. boots kept away for the time being. not cool enough to b wearin boots. this year seems to b so warm. compared to the other years i have been here. sianz... oh well.. just have to hope it'll get cooler to cold soon. i miss the cold.

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Thursday. 3.23.06 7:06 pm
all of a sudden... i m missin u more than i already do. missin u like crazy.

hm.... had a pretty long day today. had class till 5. n had to rush the assignment tt wat due at 5 after the 2 hours tute. managed to finish it on time. after much work. did not seem like a lot at the beginnin. but oh well.

gonna sleep early. i'm tired. *yawnz*

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in uni!
Wednesday, March 22, 2006
at the current moment, i'm in uni... readin up on some stuff... i realised i only will get some work done when i m in uni.. so here i m.

have class to go to tomorrow. n assignment will be due after the tutorial session at 5. if not friday b4 9... will hand it in tmr. i'm not goin to come into uni b4 9 to hand it it coz it means waking up at 7 to get ready n all to get to uni b4 9. no way!

the honours room is quiet today. noora is at the hospital. jon has been MIA since hm... monday? coz i havent' seen him from then. doubt amy n erin are comin in today. scott is in n out, teachin i guess. jodi is here... but dun really talk to her much. luckily i m smart enough to bring in some CDs today to keep me company as i read n stuff. *grinz* only thing missin... i can't connect to MSN web messenger here coz of some settins made to this com. :( oh well... music will keep me company.

wonder if halim n BK are in uni... shall not call to ask them to keep me company in the room. they'll get too noisy n i won't get any readings done. not a good option. oh well.

dad called me yesterday b4 he went to the airport. he's off to malaysia for business AGAIN! he is forever goin out of town with this job. but i m glad he is really enjoyin what he is doin despite the fact that he is always leavin the house so early and comin home so late. i miss my family loads. they are loves of my life. (plus nick of course) they are the ones who keep me goin when the goin gets tough. my parents have always been there for me no matter wat, supportin me in whatever way they can from day 1 till now n in the future. showerin me with love, concern n support. n i love them and m so very grateful for tt. my bro will show me love, concern n support in other ways. he does not show it on the outside or say it out but i know that no matter what happens he will always b there for me. i love my bro to bits too even though we quarrel quite a bit. heee... gonna study hard for the last semester of my degree and do well. so that when they come for my graduation in august, all i will see in their eyes is pride n love. proud tt i have succeeded and m doin well (i think) now. n i will b proud that i have lived up to their expectations and mine as well.

being here from the start till now has never been an easy task for me. thankfully i had my bro here with me till 2004 when my parents are not up to visit. he made things all that much easier. but i prob never told him tt. i've met many pple durin all these time here, n i've learnt a lot. learnt to never judge a book by its cover. learnt not to give too much in a friendship unless u r really sure abt the sincerity of the friendship coz u will just land up being hurt sometimes (3 extremely good examples here. i nv learn do i??!). and other things as well. but still i've met friends here n we will remain frens for life no doubt. pple like noora, lj n halim. noora n lj have been the ones who have kept me sane, n i m grateful for their friendship. they are like the sisters that i nv had. not forgettin the frens at home n of course to my 2 best frens at home. u r like sisters to me too. we will grow old together n in the future look back n laugh at our past. remember the memories :)

hm... gettin all sentimental here... i'd better stop. :) back to the readins! but wait ~ commonwealth games medal standings update!!
GOLD - 1 (table tennis - won by a singaporean-born singaporean somemore!!)
SILVER - 1 (shootin)
BRONZE - 3 (shootin)

not bad at all! i for one did not expect singapore to get any medals~ :P

ok now back to the readings

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
i declare myself a lazy arse! went into uni to teach today. fiddled ard with my table of results for my poster n finish it. tt's all i did...

i have no motivation. period. ha...

good night.

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gold medal for singapore at the commonwealth games
Monday. 3.20.06 8:19 pm
got a little bit of work done in uni today... gonna do some stuff for my honours project later...

saw the table tennis finals of the commonwealth games when i got back from uni n SINGAPORE WON A GOLD MEDAL! unbelievable! good on us! hee...

oh well... got to teach tmr... *yawnz* means i gotta wake up at 7. sianz... no choice...

goin to watch south park which is startin in 10 mins! :)

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missin mum....
Saturday, March 18, 2006
i miss my mum *sobz sobz* really prayin hard tt all goes well n i can go back in june. haiz....

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