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R.D.S = Razzu's Daily Sketches!!

Just a simple game with simple prize...
Thursday, November 16, 2006
Finally... Sorry i've been slacking a lot. XD XD *dances around*

Found the answer? send me the answer via NOTES.


What's the prize?

All i can do is doodling, so...

A cartoon drawing of you. =] With this kind of style, if you don't mind.

because i can't send you money or goodies.


CLUE : peace / victory

Sorry, the prize is for members only because i'll look at who give the answer first in my comment box. =[

*huggles, smooches and kisses for lovely people who recommended my previous entry*
stlcardsgal86 kuri lostsoul13 dave katrina panda-lord middaymoon JMC truewindrune ryan444123 nuttz dilated kirei

*another huggles, smooches and kisses for lovely people who commented on my previous entry*
stlcardsgal86 kkama67 kuri lostsoul13 katrina dave silver-dot- panda-lord insanefishy middaymoon JMC truewindrune nuttz changbang sylphie ryan444123 kirei marymary dilated thezebra

Replies of previous entries' comments is on the previous thread. =D

I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes in all my entries. ^^; English isn't my native language before two years ago. I'm learning~ =D

All slots taken. There's two members answering almost in a row so i'll draw six people! =D
1. kkama67
2. LostSoul13
3. Ikimashokie
4. Katrina
5. Silver-dot-
6. middaymoon

beware~ i'll bug you for your photos if you don't have it on your profile XD

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Thursday, November 10, 2006
Yeah. XD

Can't wait to see them, really. =] The house is full of laughter everytime we met. ^^

Big big thanks (with extra hugs, smooches and kisses XD ) for NuTang friends who recommend my previous post :

And big thanks and hugs and smooches and kisses (lol, so it's the same? XD ) for NuTang friends who spend their little time to comment :
ryan444123 (thanks for visiting regularly! =D ), Kuri (thank you so much kuri dear! XD ), ikimashokie (can't wait to see the cakes =D ), dave (get well soon! T_T ), silver-dot- (aaa i'll definitely look for punch! =] ), InsaneFishy (thanks for the courage! ^o^ ), truewindrune (best luck for your thesis!), middaymoon (you're popular, you know. =D ), Katrina (you're the best! XD ), Panda-Lord (thanks for looking, Killua! ^-^ ), Nuttz (tell me when you're done. I'll dance with you. Lol! ), Sylphie (looking forward for your blog too!), kkama67 (welcome to NuTang too =] ), LostSoul13 (no, it's not too late. XD ).

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Back!!! :D
Monday, November 6, 2006

Yup i'm not dead yet!!! XD Just finished my porftolio assessment today and finally... Here comes my two-months freedom from school! =] Sometimes i keep thinking, am i choosing the right path now? Being a designer means you'll be haunted by deadlines anytime and anywhere. Am i ready for that? Hahaha at least i do what i love, and that's enough for now. I love graphics, i love design, i love drawing, i love arts (even if sometimes i'm suck at it lol).

And wow... now i got three invite codes. =D I've sent it to my friend Spring since she asked me about Nutang. The other two... if any of you want it, just tag me and i'll email it to you. But... use it wisely, will you? XD

Many thanks again, for my wonderful Nutang friends who had recommended my previous entry :

And wonderful people who (again) spend their little time to comment : Kuri, ikimashokie, Katrina, ryan444123, middaymoon, silver-dot-, Sylphie, kathyjane, LostSoul13, Panda-Lord, little-b, redintersectsme, yipi, kirei, Nuttz, kkama67, dannixfresh!!

See you! ^o^

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Odd Experience
Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Okay folks! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! ^-^ Yeah i did nothing this halloween. ;___; Just sleeping, eating, downloading, and that's all. XD

By the way, my other blog seems to be abandoned. Oh no what should i do? XD I become a nutang craze.

Reading truewindrune's new entry it said that my nutang blog appeared in google search result, first page. Woohoo. I don't know how and why but... wow! XD Thanks for all of you who read my comics. I really... really really really really really really really really appreciate it!!! =D

Uberly wonderful people who have recommend my last entry : dave, insanefishy, katrina, kuri, ryan444123, silver-dot-, truewindrune, kirei, little-b, teal.

*smooches and kisses*

(hey, don't run away! XD )

Also wonderful people who have spend their little time to comment : ryan444123, insanefishy, lazypuppy, ikimashokie, tsukiko, katrina, kuri, silver-dot-, middaymoon, truewindrune, sylphie, kirei, lostsoul13, kahne_earnhardt_fan, teal, and merrick who also lives in Singapore! =D

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