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My lovely JOTA-JOTI 2007 experience!!!
Sunday. 10.21.07 7:13 am
Hahaha...finally,the three days of JOTA-JOTI 2007 is over over over!!!!Hahahahaha.....how I love this year's JOTA camp le!!!
This year i am helper lai de,so have a much more different experience lo,haha.I never thought i could meet so many new friends in just one short period of time,haha!!!
But before i go talking about the frens,maybe i can say a few things about this oh so coool camp!!!Being the helper,my school guides were assigned to be helping at the challenge games department.We worked with the gals from SMKDH Abdul Kadir...and it was so darn fun.I was so evil le...there were 3 main stations game times,night games,the afternoon stations(indoor and outdoor) and finally JOTA/JOTI...during our night games,i was incharge of a game with 2 other frens.I was the person you were supposed to report to when you fall in le...hehe,yeng le!!There were many many participants this year,aroung abot 600 people or more.The scouts and guides came in all shapes and sizes,all kinds of styles and races...blah blah blah la.I got to torture people with water and flour le,haha..some poor PL and PS faces were so "floured" that they looked like clowns!!!Haha,got one team's PL so kesian,let me bully cham cham....my own god-bro bully me,so when he came to my station,haha,i had my revenge!!!!Muahahahahaha....my night game wasn't so special,my afternoon station only nice..there's where i got to bullt people,as well as know new frens..heh.But thenmlets finish the bullying part..i was so evil le.I threw flour at the participants,soaked them with water(but they all already soaked at the other stations d,some even got mud all over them le,so geli)...and i gave them a facial or maybe you can call it a beautiful make-up,muahaha..it was really really fun,cuz i felt that i was in control,but sometimes some PLs don't give you any cooperation at all,and there was one PL everybody hated sooooo much...the PL from subcamp Tango's Tango 1.I won't EVER forget that stupid,rude,arrogant smut!!!Benci him la!!!Rude snobb!!!Hmph!!!!Shit shit shit shit!!!!
Okok,now talk about the frens i met there.For starters,i never expected to meet so many new frens since i am being helper.Turns out i knew more people than i did when i was a participant.I had a lot of new guy frens la...and maybe a few girl frens,cuz it's not easy to get along with gals but i dunno why though i also girl le,haha.I met this very funny PS from Tango smthing i think,name was bo ling...ad\nd then I met a few guys from St. Michael's Institution,one named Wei Ken(he very tall le) and one named Kok Ken(he like just wake up from his sleep only nya)...and then i met Calyn,Tian Jian's fren...she very nice le,so cube...heh...and i met yet another cube person,Shang Khoon's kai didi Daniel Foong.He was undeniably cute cute cute,as in adorable.Eyes so big and so fair,like baby le!!!Cute cute lo he!!!Hehe...and of cuz my frens from SMKDH Abdul Kadir and SMJD,Ing Ing,Jia Xin,XIn Wei,Mei YI,Elaine...etc etc.A lot la...can't describe la.For old frenships,i met tian jian lo.He jz came awhile,but we did have a lovely chat.I was so happy le,this is really a new experience.
Wat i know is,i dom'e have enuf sleep...so,i'm gonna go...zzzzzzz....
JOTA/JOTI 2007 rocks!!!

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long time no blog liao...
Wednesday. 10.17.07 4:15 am
it's been a long time since i've ever blogged here,whoosh!!!It's been a crazy week le,i feel so tired and exhausted le...haha.i was sick all week long last week until i lost 2 kg,but then gained back 1 kg after that cuz i couldn't stop munching off the toasts i made,haha...my mum was angry of me for sm time cuz i made her mad,so i almost starved for a week cuz of my big mouth,heh.But then i begged for mercy and for forgiveness then my mum forgave me so i got my first meal for so long...a plater of macaroni...whoa the glory of the macaroni...the beauty of it...the deliciousness of it...the(sorry le,i was really really hungry,i almost starved)...so wat i learnt here is to just shut up and just do watever she says and jz don't talk back whatsoever lo...hehe.


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sunday is today,today is sunday
Sunday. 10.7.07 4:01 am
Okay...the night that brought me terrible a time is over(i think it is)..my fever has gone down,i jz feel very painful here and there...and my throat felt very sore...i was dozing off during the sermon during church...hehe...i still felt very giddy and dizzy...so then after our church service,i went to 'hop" around to meet friends from every corner...then,we had a short sketch practice after that.And i made a new friend today!!!His name is Jonathan.Haha...he is quite a cute fella,and he gave me a ride too!!!BUt then,although he was a very impressive guy,but the there's only one complaint,his driving!!!Haha,he drives pretty fast,it almost got me a heart attack!!!But then i was really thankful for the ride.I don wanna share other much more complicated stuff about him,but i'm glad i met a new friend.Heh.(he looked a lot like one of my god-bros,John Y)...heh.Then,now i'm home,feeling giddy again...haha.


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Saturday. 10.6.07 3:50 am
Today was almost terrible.First,i went to Tg Piandang.I had to deal with some horrible kids....owh,the horror man!!!I will never ever be involved with kids aged from 8-13 anymore...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!Believe me,it was the most stupid batch of kids i have ever dealt with before.Kids these days are worse than brats,they are monsters!!!!!!!NEVER,i said NEVER,will I ever deal with kids ever.All the shouting caused me my throat and my voice.I can't sing at all now.(properly i mean)

Besides that,I had a very high fever,but i'm not sure how high it was.I think i must have gone up to a high temp of at least 39°C...or more i'm not sure.What i knew was i felt like my eyes were going to pop out and everytime i closed them they felt like burning...i felt soooooooo darn cold although my temp was so high...and that felt bad...really bad...my head felt like it was being hit by smthing again and again...woe,the feeling was terrible.... and then...i think the meds weren't working out real right,so i felt really dizzy and felt like puking as well...my family doc said it was a viral infection,so no choice lo,had to face the evils of viral infections,hahaha...i guess thats that for today.

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Can somebody tell me?
Friday. 10.5.07 4:05 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Back to school
Friday. 10.5.07 3:48 am
Hahaha...3 days of school hols and one day ponteng,finally i decided to go to school.When i got my papers,i knew that i am going to flunk almost every paper.Guess what?I flunked all 3 papers i got today,moral,chem and math.EVERY SINGLE PAPER.Yeah,i did fail badly(i dunno what my parents are gonna say about it).

Anyway,my parents are bound to go for a meeting with our principle(d*** him,pardon me i try not to use bad words),my dad knows him,so he said it was like a friend-talk-to-friend session la.Woof.Oh yeah.Great.(not!)

When i was in class today,i was trying to finish some artwork for my class yearbook(pretty troublesome actually).I was given the duty of creating cartoon characters of everybody.So i got to work during the hols,only completing 15 pf my classmates.Then when i went to school today,my friends rejected a few drawings and so i did them all over again.I finished it in the end.Thank God that everybody loved them.I was relieved.I'm glad i could draw,that's kinda one of the BEST things i can do ONLY.I'm not joking,serious here.Heh.I hope i can post the pics here soon,as soon as my friend finishes his scanning job la heh.All the artwork will be printed on our yearbook and then made into bookmarks.Phew.(why do i sound like i'm writing a report?)Haha...#evil laughs#

Today was practically a waste of time at school.Teachers came in,and it was like nobody's business.I was sleeping after recess,until school ended.I'm quite of a dozer,btw..XD.

What a day.Heh.

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