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Friday. 1.16.09 6:30 am
Kait woke up to silence, reveled in it. Wrapped her self in the void and tried to go back to sleep, but the sun peeking over the window sill prevented that. Climbing out of bed, she tied her black dyed blonde hair back, it hadn't been dyed in close to two months, and the platinum had grown almost long enough to reach here eyebrows.
"Kyle? Here kitty kitty" She m--
Gosh dammit I want to write but I can't fucking get it from my head to the paper, (so to speak)I can see Kait getting up and the depression for the day setting in, walking over to the computer, sitting down and starting another unproductive day. Only this time she can't find anyone. No one is on the chat boards, no one is on any of her games. So she tries to go pick up soemthing to eat, but no one is out there either. She posts a board with something along the lines of "Is anyone alive" and finds a handful of people, but I just...I probably just am never gonna be a writer.

I thought there was a spell check on here..I wonder where I am getting confused.

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Stupid Scammers
Thursday. 1.15.09 1:04 am
So...I keep getting scam mail from someone claiming to be chase bank..I dont' know which is worse, the fact that I have never had chase, or the fact that they picked to use chase because I sent them a message from their paypal scam that I had chase...
A little backstory:
A couple weeks ago I got a scam mail saying your paypal is under review for fraud. Scared me for a second..not I don't have paypal either. (btw was paul from paypall that wrote me hehe) anyway, I wrote back and said, sorry I don't have paypal why dont' you try Chase or Mastercard instead,
Week later I got 2 mails from a fake chase thing saying my account was under review for falling for a possible fraud thing. |X
Idiots. hehe

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Monday. 1.12.09 6:04 pm
So, we are moving soon. (3 weeks soon) My last day of work is 1/23 I can't wait. Finally moving out of this Hellhole called Texas. We will probably leave between the 31st-2nd depending on when I get my W2's. I'm excited and scared. Never been far outside of Texas. *shiver* its gonna be creepy. I'm scared that I"m gonna move there and everyone is gonna be mean, compared to the people here. Also scared that they are gonna be even nicer and I'm gonna freak about that. lol, most likely I'm just gonna freak altogether. hehe

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Friggin insane Awareness Test
Wednesday. 1.7.09 4:17 am
I don't know how to post videos. But watch this,
I even rewatched it to make sure it wasn't added in later. Check it out. Insane!

(its not like those things where you watch really closely and a spider pops out or something)

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