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Insanity Emporium
Thursday. 4.15.10 1:32 am
I have been asked to date stamp an EMAIL printout, "so that I will know this has been actioned"

I cannot even begin to point out the illogical-ness of the statement for fear that I will starting foaming in the mouth.
Have mercy. Kill me.


For some reason or another, life seems to be pretty screwy for the half dozen or more people I have been talking to lately.

20/7 work schedules, political upheavals, rocky or terminated or forbidden relationships and loss of people whom you thought were your bestest friends and friends having problems finding jobs despite the hot job market in Singapore. I'll throw in a cancer scare even, free of charge.

Everyone seems to be running blind, scared and simply clueless. I have been harping on the quarter life crisis that my peers and I seem to be going through and till now, I have not found an answer. I go into this looping train of thought much like how my Iphone is constantly playing the same songs. Perhaps the question is uncomplicated and I am seeking the answer through a thoroughly wrong perspective.

All this talk of gloom and doom is getting me down. I worry for my friends and the unhappiness of it all is constantly in my peripheral vision. I should not be but I am.


To thaitanic and lyndeep-
Easter is on Friday but HK has both Friday and Monday off. So envious!

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Monday. 4.5.10 4:14 am
i have started and quit trying to write an entry for at least 3 times today.

I still don't have an idea of what I wanna write. Except the fact that maybe life has settled into this uninteresting routine.

Its Easter Monday and there is a Public Holiday in Hong Kong but not so in Singapore. However, since I am stationed in Singapore while providing support work for the Hong Kong branch, it means that I am sitting around today doing nothing except trying not to fall asleep.

Hows that for mundane.

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