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Dangerous Express
Wednesday. 12.24.08 8:26 pm
During my trip back from my hometown to Kuala Lumpur I saw an express bus driving in high speed in high way. I can tell you I have tried to follow the speed of the bus just to make sure my bare eyes are accurate!

So what I did was try to catch up the bus by having the same speed as his. Seriously my car speed was at 120km/j at the 3rd lane of the high way yet I can't catch up or follow behind the bus! This means the bus is having a speed higher than 120km/j!!! OMG?! How can he drive so fast with so many lives in there?

Really surprising when I found out the bus can drive at such high speed, really wonder how it's gonna be when emergency....sigh....My bet is that only Ferrari car can catch up =/

Heed My Words

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Great Deal for TARC Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting (a.k.a AFA)
Friday. 12.19.08 12:07 am
Seriously this information had been released last month but my friend just informed me recently. It's about TAR College Advanced Diploma can register straight into Master program, amazing isn't it?

Last few days I still see people arguing the TARC Advanced Diploma worthiness, but after seeing this I believe it sure rises the value, don't you think? I don't know about other courses Advanced Diploma but for mine in AFA (Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting) sure can pursue to MASTER program in Napier University which is higher than ACCA....

So let's say I finished(pass all subjects) my AFA and i go on Master for 3 modules....WOW I will have Master and ACCA( let's say i pass all ACCA papers also)....hehehe sure increase salary lor....hahahaa so happy :P

Still not sure about the duration but i will go find out ASAP since its a GREAT opportunity for me in creating a BRIGHTER FUTURE~~~~

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A Dedicated Tutor...
Wednesday. 12.17.08 5:01 am
The first day I went to UCSI, I've met a dedicated tutor, his name is Mr Tee. Ok you guys are wondering how I met him at UCSI when he is tutor in a tuition centre right? No he is not any college lecturer. So this was how I met him in UCSI. I was LOST while I was finding the Hall 02!!!

OMG I tell you Monday 08/December/2008 was a public holiday not many people there, I had no clue of the UCSI map...So I been wandering around until I met Mr Tee, so I asked him "can you tell me where is Hall 02?" He laughed =_=" I was like huh? "Come follow me I am heading to Hall 02 too" he replied with a smile....

Well at first I don't know he is Mr Tee, a tutor from a tuition centre because I do not go take tuition for any of my ACCA subjects so far, might consider taking one after meeting him =) Back to the point, after that I asked him another question "are you ACCA student too? Which college are you from?". "Actually I am not taking exam, I came here for my students" he replied.

Wasn't it weird? Tutor came to UCSI just to make sure his students gets the LAST MINUTE help even on a PUBLIC HOLIDAY! He said any students can come ask for help if they want to, for him education has no boundaries and no differences of which colleges or tuition centre or whatever you are, as long you need help just come ask! I admire him...He told me that he had been teaching in TARC way before the TARC become famous then SUNWAY and now end up in tuition centre and he has 35 years of teaching experience.... Impressive huh?

Seriously he is so dedicated even guiding me where to look for the table numbers and toilet....I really had no idea what I should do in the first day...and I was wonder how to find my table out of 500 table numbers! Thanks Mr Tee....Right before exam he gave me some sweets, he said our brain needs sugar and sweets will help.

He is a tutor for F5 and P5 therefore he came to help his students from these 2 classes. Finally, he gave me a name card and ask me to ring him up in case I need guidance...

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Finally ACCA exam ended!
Wednesday. 12.10.08 12:26 pm
Yes today is my last paper for ACCA exam. Although I am not very happy about it instead I am very worry whether I have done my best or maybe I could have done better....

Well all that thoughts should be gone right? Time to have some fun before my next semester starts in 15th of December 2008. New semester more work to be done and I need to prepare myself for my resits too....

Anyway congratulation to all ACCA students because the nightmare has ended.... We won't read any forum or blog about ACCA for at least 2 months....because February is the month where the results are released....and another 4 months before the June ACCA sitting comes....

by the way, today's paper aren't that great.... >_<

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The Moon that "smiles"...
Monday. 12.1.08 9:54 am

Honestly this is the first time i ever see such an appearance from the nature...
2 eyes and a smile made with
2 planets and a moon....

That 2 planets are Venus and Jupiter...They appear to be close but actually they are not...

The crescent moon is 403,000km away while Venus is 149.5million kilometers away. Jupiter is 870million kilometers away.

Everyone is talking about it now :P

For those who can't see this, you can see from my blog pictures =) better than nothing....

Couple who goes out dating right now is the right timing to ask each other enjoy the special moon !!

The universe is sending us the message....Follow the Python Commandment to 'always look on the bright side of life' said David Widdowson.

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Every ACCA student Seek for Exam Tips
Friday. 11.21.08 4:58 am
Yeah I can see many of the forums now fill with these kind of threads. It is ok because it makes me feel that ACCA is coming soon and add up more stress upon me just by reading them. Thanks a lot.

Besides that, they seem pretty DESPERATE!! Keep begging and spamming with useless words, wasting my time reading them (because the title very interesting "EXAM TIPS DECEMBER 2008 come!! come!!") can't help it but to take a peek.

Some ACCA students really use the forum to post up doubts and questions which can really help me tackle the subject effectively just by helping them. THANKS to spammers and beggars now I don't have the opportunity to read the answers given by "PRO" or smart students.

P/S**There is a forum called ACCA HELP but they restricted the EXAM TIPS for members who post 30 times(mostly of the tips for VIP members only need to pay $15). They do give out free tips at [ www.accahelp.com/examtips ] but the info is not as updated as the one in the forum =) Anyway it's ACCA tips are free if you are patient enough.

P/S***I found another forum which is way more better because it is FREE! Thanks to Open Tuition forum who provide not only ACCA exam tips but also online course notes, past year exam questions and answers, and some audio lectures!!! They are really great help.


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