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To have and to hold
Sunday. 5.16.10 10:30 am
My girlie got married to a man who would possibly be a responsible husband and father if it comes down to it. I........ didn't want them to end up this way. Its a terrible thing to think, to say and to tell her.

She choked on her wedding speech, "He was always around to give me support..."
My heart twisted into a knot at her hesitation. I cannot say I was always around for her, but I know for a fact that when she needed support, he never knew a thing.

He is a generally a decent guy. He has his fallacies but he is kind and sweet. The thing is he has let my friend walk alone for too much and too long. My friend is strong but no girl wants to go to the hospital for surgery alone. Its not his fault, he didn't know. And he still doesn't. That is not the only thing he doesn't know.

I cannot understand how he didn't realise anything after so many years of being together. I really really don't. I only saw how messed up their relationship was.

My girlie couldn't go to him. Isn't that reason enough NOT to commit?

I am so so so sorry.

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Thursday. 5.13.10 5:32 am
Its been stewing for a while since I last ran into him.

(i know I use "him" alot but know that they tend to refer to different persons,haha)

The first time I ran into him was in my office building's lift. It's kinda hard not to notice a guy who is standing facing me and grinning madly at me.

I should have taken it as the first sign that something is very wrong with the guy.

I continued running into him and he tried making innocous conversations a couple of times. Just lil stuff.

Probably my exhaustion and the prospect of imbibing some alcohol later that day made me stupid. He managed to beg my number of me. He called me possibly half hour (best guess) after he got my number (with his office no), and started texting me the cheesiest lines imaginable from his 2 mobiles (work phone and personal phone)

Haiz. I was expecting entertainment but laughing at him and his corniess is meh.
At least the previous entertainment was scarastic funny. geez. now I have an irrational split second fear whenever the lift doors open.


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