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Domain of Sentiments - AlexisNg@NuTang
Friday, October 3, 2008

By definition - its something that should remain hidden from others. Though its mean to be somethin unknown but there are secrets that have been shared and have been exposed as well. Some might not even care if their secrets are exposed and be known to the world but as long as their identity are kept anonymous, they are more than happy to share secrets with the world. im sure some of you out there have come across this site http://postsecret.blogspot.com/.

This particular site has never failed to amaze me cuz the amount of stuff posted up are crazy n also those secrets revealed got me to stop and ponder. i do wonder how those ppl who wrote really tragic secret keep themselves sane? wht form of motivation or hope that kept them goin? has anyone even give up on life due to some secrets? even though its written in a short and simple english, but i can totally relate to their emotions, their heartaches, their disappointment..etc i'm really glad that there's this site whereby those who suffered in silence can have a place where they can pour out their deepest and darkess secrets and hopefully they find hope to begin a new page in the chapter of their lives.

i remember i came across this particular secret where that person who wrote it stated - "Suicide is always on my mind" . when i read it, i so wanna reach out to that person n tell s/he that the world can be a better place if s/he allows it. one can find happiness within themself n not necessarily from others. likewise i also believe that nothin is impossible to achieve and that all the hardships or disappointments that we experienced or are experiencing is jst a phase in life where it prepare us to be a stronger person.

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People Come & People Go
Thursday, October 2, 2008

i never thought that this particular term, people come & people go will be applicable on me, im not referin to those who's dead but those who's very much alive and kicking. i have no idea where or how to even start this. i know that one should learn to forgive n forget but how is this even possible when you found out that u're being deleted off that someone's phone book, with that person who deleted you from the phonebook tellin you that himself. it was like a slap on the face for me and at the same time, i was shock n i didnt know wht else i was feelin. i was like confused for a while n another moment i realised that i was like " WTF??".

i know that this is of no big issue here but up till now i have no idea why am i so ticked? could it be that cuz i really treated him like a good friend and this comin from him is so outta the world thing. would a friend really do this? just delete you off the phonebook when u guys dont keep in touch for a while? wht kinda ppl or friend do that?! when i come to think bout it, perhaps he jst missed the attention that he was gettin from me n when i dont show any attention in return he got frustrated n stopped being a friend? i'm glad to know his true colours despite the fact that i was a lil aggitated/pissed/furious. i was so dead wrong in thinkin tht everyone values friendship like i do. oh well , let bygones be bygones.

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Childhood Memories (Cartoons/Movies/Game)
Thursday, October 2, 2008

i'm sure most of us grew up watchin tv and addicted to some form of video games/pc games. when i was say bout 6 or so whenever im done with kindy, i'll be sent to my granny's where i'll do my early lunch and after that i'll be glued to the tv with my fav, Super Mario Bros., if i'm not mistaken, i think its called the console game, i would say its somethin similar to the current Xbox. the addiction i had over it was crazy! up to the point my granny would yell at me to take my shower! Lol.. those were the days.

Even though i was pretty crazy over console games, i was very much into MacGyver as well. At that time i think he's really cool, thats like my childhood hero. i do wonder how would it be like to be able to act n do the things as quickly n witty as he does. i wouldnt miss any of his show! Apart from that, Baja Hitam is somewht pretty addictive as well. i couldnt remember clearly on wht's the who story based on, but i remember that he's some good guy tryin to fight crime.

In addition to that, cartoons are the next in list. Its crazy how those animated stuff can be a real habit-forming!

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Childhood Memories ( Random )
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apart from the food i used to buy when my mommy gives me a dollar or two before she leaves for work , im often attracted to some other random inedible stuff. i was a lil boyish i suppose when i was much younger for i dont remember havin any dolls besides my first ever Barbie doll, even that, it was a barter system between me n mommy. she wants me to cut off my long hair n i took the opportunity to make a deal with her , that is she gotta get me a Barbie in order for me to go to the hair saloon. :) i know wht a michevious kid i was back then. besides that one Barbie , here are some of my favs too : (from left to right)
Bubble bottles, cute erasers, stickerbook, reload toy gun, rubber wth flags printed on it, marbles, old fashion card games and pencil case

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Childhood Memories (Food)
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today's weather was rather gloomy, even now as i blog but somehow this kinda rainy weather makes me reminisce on my childhood. I realised that though there are still some stuff still available in the market right now , the feelins are not the same anymore even by purchasing n eatin em.

Here are some of my personal favs when i was really small,perhaps when i was 4-6 : (L - R) Animal-shaped Biscuits, Icing Biscuits, Ban Chang Kueh (Crispy Chinese Pancake), Indian Style Apom, Kuih Kaya (Pulut Tai Tai), Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum with Tattoo Wrapper, Marukawa Bubble Gum, Tora (Choco coated biscuits)

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Food Tastin Session
Tuesday September 30, 2008

Well this particular food tastin session was actually pretty crucial for me, unfortunately/fortunately i took that particular time experimentin on my food. i know , wht an idiot right? out of so many days of the year , i chose this particular day where i might be puttin my future restaurant biz in jeopardy. Well of course i invited my potential investor, it was meant for him actually , n also i invited jolene as well for the food tastin. since my hands were all occupied and pretty oily, jolene took the liberty to snap pics of the food items.

The upcoming/second food tastin session, i'll definitely not fool around & stop experimentin with my cookin methods! also not forgetting ill make sure my hands are squeaky clean to be able to snap some pics. this upcoming food tastin session will be for both the investors where that will lead me to the discussion of the contract. speaking of that, i've no idea wht to put in the menu!

So here are the pics : (T-B) : 3-Flavoured Seabass, Assam Prawns, Mango Kerabu, Pai Kut Ong (Spareribs), Stir-fry Chilli Beansprout (sounds familiar? yes, i love beansprout)

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