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PANTHERS BABAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday. 9.15.03 4:51 pm
Whoo! U guys see the nfl game between tampa bay and carolina? it was sooooooo good. 12-9 in overtime. u no extra point field goals in nfl? theyre mostly automatic right? not against the panthers!!!the panthers blocked 3...yea u heard me...3 field goals yesterday!

ok....2 minute warning, tb in possesion in 4th. 9-3 panthers. tamba is the best in nfl u no. ok, if panthers pull this off it will be BIG upset. i was hoping tamba didnt score, but u gotta give respect to the defending super bowl champs. they inched their way to opposite endzone. then , keyshawn johnson was triple teamed, leaving keenan mccardell wide open!!!! he caught it with 0 seconds left. FUCK! 9-9 all 0 seconds left. tampa gets a extra point feild goal oppurtunity...gramatica kicks it...jenkins stuffs it! were going into overtime. then on the third possesion in OT, steve smith returns the ball 52 yards. before u no it, panthers were in FG range. on a 46 yard field goal, john kasay connects! YEAH BABY! Panthers win! 12-9 , dats what Im talkin about!!!!!Please leaving comments congratulating the panthers!

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Yeah today is SUNDAY...
Sunday. 9.14.03 11:34 am
...which means FOOTBALL on TV. I cant wait til 4:05 eastern. Its my favorite team: the Panthers on NAT'L TV vs the defending super bowl champs: the bucs. Dang. The bucs beat the eagles 17-0 last monday which is not a good sign. And the panthers barely survived the jags. I really hope Jake Delhomm does great. He did really good last week backing up Rodney Peete.

On another note, does anyone know where to download good movies, like famous ones like Phone Booth, Panic Room etc.? Kazaa doesnt work. Also, how do I download games like Madden 2004?

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PPS Oppurtunity
Wednesday. 9.10.03 3:51 pm
You see the 4 Football Players on my banner?
You have to say who they are.
Each correct one is worth 5 points, Possible 20 points here!

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Wednesday. 9.3.03 7:50 pm
school starts tommorow, damn, this sucks. i gotta get my stuff together and crap. peace. i cant wait til 9/9 the revival of nutang.

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Sunday. 8.24.03 7:09 pm
i havent been able to get on the 'net for past weeks...
some points id like to make:hey psy, on da forums, for the freestyle battle, i will make my rap for round 2 asap,
who is this jonevalesco punk.....nutang roxor, xanga is horrible, he is a stupid dipshit...
i will get back 2 forums asap , peace

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Saturday. 8.9.03 10:28 pm
i used da otb to make this new layout. do u guys like it? i wille xperiment with otb mroe and hopefully my site will be phat. peace.

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