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PPS Chances Rules
Thursday. 10.9.03 4:17 pm
Everyday, I will be putting up Pic of the Day and another Pic for PPS oppurtunity.

The pic of the day will just be for your delight and interest.

The PPS oppurtunity will have a question and 3 respective hints everyday. If you answer the question before 3:00 pm Eastern time of the following day in a correct manner, I will present to you 10 pps. The First Person to answer correctly will receive it everyday. Answer via commenting on my page.

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Some Stuph
Saturday. 10.4.03 9:38 pm
Today, I saw the Tuxedo at my Grandma's crib because there's HBO there. I like Jackie Chan movies immensely. But , this one like really sucked. The plot was retarded. The acting was stupid, the fighting werent that great, its like all computer generating flying and ish. Most importantly, it was not funny a bit. All Jackie Chan movies are action packed, yet humurous. This one was neither.

I have tons of HW to do and i gotta study. Sweet that theres no school monday because of some Jewish holiday. that R0X0R!

League ID# 19478

If you want pps, join that league. Each win will be like Fitty PPS!Its basketball too.

Some cool baseball games going on. I kinda sad that the Giants are out but kinda glad that the Marlins advance.

I hope the Yanks lose! Go Twins! My fave team is still the Mariners though, but there on the outside looking in right now, no playoffs again

I cant wait til tommorow, which is Sunday. Its NFL. I wanna see the Panthers do great!

All MOTM contestants, if you wanna compete for it go to forums and reply to the thread. Answer the questions , if there are none, there will be new questions made up then.


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Tuesday. 9.30.03 5:56 pm
man, life sucks, but anyway... the deadline for pps is october 1st, like in 5 hours. so, ANY member can go claim points in forum, if u want pps, if u want them toe xchange cool stuff . if u dont have a forum ID, i advise u get one, the forum is awesome, please share ur thoughts on the topics or make ur own topic, its cool there, You know y i dont like xanga?honestly, heres a reason. today in school, i was on the net. so i went to xanga.com, to check it out, i went to the homepage, and i wanted to search up keywords, like weird keywords like "new orleans hornets" or "carolina panthers" cuz id like to read what people said about some of my favorite teams. so i clicked search, and im like bingo, maybe xangas features aint that bad heh. so i type in my schools name. boom.....a error message, it said that Search Engine on Xanga is very expensive. one of the most expensive features is searching. and some shit, im like wat the crap.....searching s expensive? they gotta hire some freestyle sleuth to locate the sites?the gotta pay some company to supply the search engine? the simple piece of code in notepad for the search engine is taking up too much of xanga's webspace?dang.....i didnt pay attention if they said "Buy Premium and we will let you....SEARCH...yea thats right...SEARCH THROUGH THE SITE.....what a luxury!"anyone notice that?

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Saturday. 9.27.03 11:26 am
this skin awesome, effinjosell made it, this is one of the best,

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Friday. 9.26.03 4:37 pm
im in madddd trouble trying to make my site good

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Tuesday. 9.23.03 6:56 pm
My new entry, hmm. I finally got background music here. It stinks, sounds gay. i need to change it. Also, NuTang rockin'!. If you have contributed in the forums in some manner, be sure to claim your 10,000 PPS before October! Well, anyway, some cool nu members on NuTang, theyre pages r reaaaaly cool. I wish da NuTang hit count would be the same as the summer, like 10,000 hits, butt school started and ish. Im thinking of changing my page's motif. Instead of the Panthers, Im thinking like......bout a skin thats premade like da green baboon one, or ill use UTB to make like a WWE one or a NBA one heh...

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