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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 23
4.1.07 at 9:42 am
I’ve been on a reading binge lately. I love to read, but I have moments where I’ll go weeks, if not a month, without reading one book, then out of nowhere I’ll read 4 or more within 2-3 days. Those are the days when I can hardly be separated from any book I might have my hands on.

Before I had Aubree, I used to have reading binges more often. I would read straight through the book, without stopping. I wouldn’t go to bed until the book was done. Even if it was 1000 pages or more. I miss that.

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Day 163
8.20.07 at 9:39 pm
I wanted to wait until this evening to do my 100 words because their wasn’t anything to talk about. Unfortunately their really isn’t anything to talk about, still. I mowed part of the lawn even through the grass was extremely wet. I will try to finish it tomorrow during a period where there’s no rain. I’m also almost done with a John Grisham book I’ve been reading called, “The Testament.” A good read so far. I’ll have to go back to good will and pick up some more books to read when I’m done. I’ve been reading a lot lately.

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Day 165
8.22.07 at 10:50 pm
Today wasn’t all that great. It seems that I start a lot of my posts lately with almost those same works. Sadly enough, nothing is all that exciting out here. So those words are true most of the time.

I did go to goodwill and bought 6 new books. I also bought a Bon Jovi CD for $3. It has most of my favorites by him. I was going to buy Aubree something, but she wasn’t good. She kept pulling clothes off the hangers. The book I have started reading is called “Letters From Africa”. Has anyone here read it?

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Day 186
9.13.07 at 8:46 pm
I think I might have an idea of what I can do with my books when I’m done! I wrote one of my prisoner penpals about how I had no idea what I would do with my left over books when I’m done with him. When he wrote me, he mentioned that their library accepts donated books. Quite honestly, I really like that idea. I think that’d be a neat way to get rid of my books to a place where their might be people interested in reading them too. I’ll just have to see what it’ll cost for shipping.

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Day 217
10.14.07 at 8:36 pm
I got some good progress done on my blanket and I started on the giraffe cross stitch I’m making for my penpal. I’m pretty pleased. I got tired of knitting earlier so I decided to start on the cross stitch and I got all of the grass for one color done. This one will be simple.

Tomorrow I ship off my book donations to the prison library. I hope they all get accepted through to be added alright. It would be really cool if they do. I’m sending well over 10 books. Most of them are in like new condition.

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