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Kikontaichi Hanasaka Ikkyuu
Saturday. 1.09.12 3:52 am
Title: Kikaitonchi Hanasaka Ikkyuu

Alternative Names: 奇怪とんち噺 花咲一休

Author: Komiyama Kenta, Kawada Yuuya

Status: Complete - Oneshot

(Mangaupdates) Long ago, there was an ayakashi who challenged his victims to a battle of wits. If the subject succeeded, the ayakashi would grant them one wish, but if they lost, he would devour their soul. Only one person has been able to consistently defeat this ayakashi and his tricks: the clever Hanasaka Ikkyuu. The ayakashi follows him, ever eager to eat his soul, but for Ikkyuu, using the ayakashi's power to help others is worth the risk! In this story, he's called on to use the ayakashi's power for healing a sick little boy who's friends with a red-haired goddess from a hanging scroll.

Releases: Download | Online

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Sunday. 8.29.10 2:46 am
Welcome to the Oneshot Section! This includes stand-alone oneshots, oneshot stories picked out from collections, or doujinshi.

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I'm Not an Angel
Sunday. 9.12.10 5:44 am
Title: I'm Not an Angel

Alternative Names: 我不是天使

Author: Yuzi

Status: Complete - Oneshot

A witch tries to become an angel

Releases: Download | Online

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My Health
Sunday. 8.29.10 2:46 am
Title: My Health

Alternative Names: 稲作 スーパーリミックスベスト 1

Author: Furuya Minoru

Status: Complete - 2 Volumes

Summary: (Oneshot) When I pooped one morning...I gave birth to a rabbit.

Releases: Oneshot:
   Part_02 (Joint with Yume Manga Team)

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Selling Me Softly
Saturday. 1.14.12 6:29 pm
Title: Selling Me Softly

Alternative Names: N/A

Author: Amano Youichi

Status: Complete - Oneshot

Summary: (Oneshot) A comedic duel in a world where salesmen fight in death-matches.

Releases: Download | Online

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The Unheard of Death Note
Saturday. 1.14.12 6:31 pm
Title: The Unheard of Death Note

Alternative Names: 你所不知道的óDN

Author: L. Dart

Status: Complete - Oneshot

Death Note dj - An alternative way to get the shinigami eyes.

Releases: Download | Online

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