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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

My Mii QR Code
Part... uh... I fiveget.
Wednesday. 12.12.12 8:29 pm
Though it should be fourget since I'm in the 40s...

41. I have started taking a pole fitness clas.
42. It whips my ass.
43. I think I have only been unsore for three days in the past three weeks, between snowboarding and pole dancing.
44. I make a mean fried rice.
45. Boss has sent me on a "secret" mission. Well, more a "not for general discussion" mission.
46. I really can't cook things that are "black". Either I don't like them or don't know how.
47. I like horror movies. Particularly Asian horror. I feel like I've mentioned this... ah well.
48. No one understands how it is that I drink my coffee black, eat my chiles atomic, my brussels sprouty, or watch the aforementioned Asian horror movies when I'm home alone.
49. I wish Roanoke had an awesome burlesque scene.
50a. Dave almost got stabbed in the neck for calling NuTang "xanga". Do I LOOK like an emo kid?
50b. I am not an emo kid.

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Crap what number is this?!
Tuesday. 10.9.12 8:24 pm
It doesn't matter!

I totally won a TV at work.

I'm not counting this as part of my list.

It's a very nice TV, much nicer than I expected for a work-giveaway TV.

I gotta figure out what I'm dong with it.

Also, if you wish to see teh pictar of myself and undisputed, you'll need to be friendly with one of us on the book of faces.

That's how it goes. >.>

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Parte cuarto!
Sunday. 9.30.12 7:52 pm
And now I'm back!

From outer space!

You just walked in to find me here with that there look upon my face!

31. I think my boss doesn't hate me.
32. I met undisputed! We took an awesome picture. My brother was wary of meeting a shady man from the internet. I don't think he can complain about anything.
33. There's something amusing about meeting people who aren't from Va but are living here, and are befuddled by it's quirks. They're definitely weird, but I guess it's different when you grow up with it.
34. I got some awesome signs and buttons, and my mom hopes my aunt doesn't steal hers. She was upset I put it in her yard, because she thinks my aunt will probably steal it. Oops.
35. I went to the fair, it was somewhat disappointing.
36. I'm applying for a new position, in the same group. Like the position I'm in now, I've had far too many pointers to apply for the new position.
37. My cat loves squash. My mom bought her some, but it turned out to be squash/chicken soup. I think the cat will never eat regular squash again.
38. My foot is asleep.
39. I ABHOR the Kenexa job application system. Every company has their own implementation of it, and I can't carry any of my information between them, meaning I have to enter all of my information no less than three times per company. ugh.
40. I have a car! It is Dave's old 2002 Kia Optima. I call it the J'Optima. I need to put stickers on it and make it ... fun. Maybe I'll get one of those confederate-themed Browning stickers for it. >.>

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Numma Tree!
Friday. 9.14.12 6:21 pm
21. I mock at people eating salads.
22. I love me some damn salad.
23. I mock people engaging in diet talk.
24. I lost a decent sum of weight. I kept my diet crazy on the 'tang.
25. I feel like I can tell whether or not ice cream is low fat when I'm eating it. Maybe I'm spoiled.
26. I made a purple and grey striped hula hooop.
27. I never spell gray the same way twice. Ok, maybe sometimes for consistency.
28. I have a terrible habit of spelling -ize/-ise words in the British manner, so spell check always yells at me.
29. I can afford bras! Too bad there's no place to buy them here. :(
30. I like spicy food. The spicier, the better.

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Challenge 2, #2
Sunday. 8.26.12 10:30 am
These will be facts 11-20.

11. I have employment! I work at GE as an electrical engineer.
12. I have this weird sinusy issue where I guess my nose is dry? It's bothersome.
13. I want to have my wedding at the Baltimore Engineer's Club.
14. Inspired by undisputed , I grew up in Petersburg, VA. Not that growing up there was inspired by him, but his recent mentioning of it in the shout box inspired this fact.
15. I could go for a very tasty taco. Nice and spicy.
16. I am hungry.
17. I smell like a macaroon from putting coconut oil in my hair. I want to bite myself.
18. Hrm. Revisiting parte uno, I'm beginning to wonder if my intestinal distress is from that drink I had last night. It wasn't even like I had several, I only had one!
19. My chin scar from falling off my bike last year is near invisible.
20. My chin scar from falling down the stairs 14 years ago is not. :(

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I am MAD. (now with definitions)
Saturday. 7.28.12 4:03 pm
At Yasuhiro, cashier at Mitsuwa in NJ.

Yes, that makes easy to know who he is.

Yes, I am creepy, I went to see if I could find him on facebook. I did.

I felt super-creepy.

Here is why I am mad at Yasuhiro.

I went to Mitsuwa, expecting a streetpass. I was looking forward to my streetpass with Yasuhiro, Mitsuwa cashier.

Today, I did not streetpass Yasuhiro. He let me down.

Hrm. It was super-busy at Mitsuwa yesterday, I wonder if he'd had 10 already and couldn't get any more. If this is the case, I will only be sad, and not mad.

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