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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

My Mii QR Code
Tuesday. 11.21.06 9:13 pm
As of... 3.??pm today, I am armed.

With a 2 dollar pellet pistol.

What am I going to do with it? I don't know.

Maybe I'll shoot things. Knock squirrels unconscious. Keep it in my pocket, so I can capture small pets....

Shoot Dave in the ass, so I can leave a pellet welt.
That sounds like a plan.

I'll make it a smiley face, too.

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Creepy Dancing Vegetables!
Monday. 11.20.06 7:03 pm

Following up on the previous post's creepy banana, I found this.

More bananas. As well as some friends.

They're all quite creepy, but I'm going to post my favorites.

There's a dancing pen0r.... Creepy.


There's a banana riding a lollersaur. A banana Mario. A banana Yoshi. A monkey from Yoshi's Island. A banana Rex. A banana Cloud. A banana Unchi! A banana Totakeke A banana woohoo! A banana holding a "poop" sign A banana Toad. banana /train! Moose! Psychadelic Banana. Good name for a band.

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Yay, 3.50 to go!
Monday. 11.20.06 5:31 pm
I've got $3.50 or so to go for my 21 to get my violin.

I went to the Great Evil, whom I hate with a passion today. They had something good for cheap, so I bought it. The Great Evil is not to be confused with the Great Satan. The Great Satan is so, because it sometimes entices me with things, and tempts me.

The Great Evil... I hate them with a passion. But sometimes evil is necessary.

But I couldn't leave the cheap technology there!


I was in dollar tree. I bought a Y cable for whitey/pinky, so I could run them through my stereo.

But what really took the dollar... Inkjet printer cartridge refills.

You know, the things they sell on late night tv in a kit for 29.99(+5.95 s&h)?

Four dollars for the whole printer, it was a dollar a color. They only had black and gray, though.

I can't get any higher than 81,247 on FoF. I'll let Dave catch up.

What the hell is this???

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Creepiest. Post. EVAR. (with something for dave at the top)
Sunday. 11.19.06 11:21 pm
Since I was mean enough to get the song stuck in his head, I'll give him something to help get rid of it.

You know what to look for. :p

Now for a post about post.

Not the kind that makes your compy beep when it's about to die.

I've discovered that stinkzilla is an attention whore. Holy crap. Once you start petting him, he won't let you stop. Ever. At all. Stinkerella... is just weird.

I've got to get out, do some shopping. Hopefully Queen Moodypants won't delay that.

My room is a mess.

I come home, things are *not* where they should be, and the house is still grimy.

The hole is still in the ceiling, and apparently I get to fix the tub faucet, because it somehow got broken.

Do I look like a handyman/plumber?

Time to go drop a good 65 lbs and wear a white tank, booty shorts, and a tool belt.

Mmm, drilling.

My little green side table has been stolen, so now I have no place for my ... OH NO! THE SKIN FLAKES! *look* ... Ok, there they are. Gotta make sure they didn't get flung about... keeping them for my voodoo doll or something.



OK. Now that I've gotten over that bit of creepiness... (I should really get rid of those... I forgot to before I left.) I have no place to put my cute li'l... Japanese(it looks it) tray/coaster set, my Pokeball with 23K gold card ... it was free from the most awesome comic book store ever... my phone, my salt/pepper shakers... my room looks quite empty, aside from the fact that my bedding was MIA, so I threw my stuffed animals in the floor and put a sheet/blanket on the bed. Poor stuffed animals.

Oh my god, I feel like such a creepy loser.


I'm going to go cry now. (It's the world's smallest violin...)

By the way... it was tasty.

>.< (Where'd the "just kidding" sign-person go?)

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Oh Home.(edited)
Saturday. 11.18.06 10:46 pm
So I'm home.

Dad ended up renting a Dodge Charger. The ultimate in penismobiles. I felt so.... insecure driving it.

So I get home. I see the stinkies.

Stinkzilla has gotten HUGE. Stinkerella... likes to sit on top of the garage. Guess she can get those birds now. o.O

Stupid cats run from me when I try to pet them. :/

Coby watched Stay Alive, I'm beginning to think it was made back in 2001 or something, and just released now, because of the tower burning in the end... and all of the other old stuff.

Prissy McPrincessRoomie put my towel in the refrigerator.

I may not ever be in the room to use the damn towel, but I'm going to be black, and use a word I never use. She's just gotten to be triflin'. (No g, else it wouldn't be black. ) :p

Dave downloaded Frets on Fire, the PC gimping of Guitar Hero. We were up until some ungodly hour having a Fret-off. I won. I got him to burn me the install/song so I wouldn't have to waste my life downloading it on dialup. Now he has to beat 81,247 points and 5 stars on Bang Bang, Mystery man on easy. Can he do it? Stay tuned. :p

I'm sure he can, he's awesome like that. Mr. I'm-going-to-build-my-own-FoF-guitar.

I was pondering the game earlier, and thought: They've got drums, feet stamping, clapping, maracas, and a guitar. Why not a keytar? Or an accordion?

I left my chicken in Dave's fridge. :/

Mum got new teeth... they're creepy. I think it's because I've known her forever without teeth... oh well.

Being at school spoils me, I come home and want things I get at Kroger, figuring "oh, Ukrop's should have them." I go to Ukrop's. No dice. Wally's. No dice. Food Lion. Nuh uh.

What do I have to do? Drive a good 20 or so minutes to get to the nearest Kroger. :/ They're supposed to be opening one nearer... but they haven't yet. Grr.

Note: I fixed the 2nd link in the previous entry. Without that link, the entry was pretty pointless.

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Friday. 11.17.06 5:40 pm
My mum sent me This. It is ridiculously creeeeeepy!.

Oh poor Jamey Singleton. First he gets busted for hard drugs, now he gets fired for this.

Way to be nekkid.

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